Thursday, June 18

Movie Talk

 Tuesday was my first day off after a string of seven. I'm getting to old for this stuff!

Tuesday is also cheap movie day here in Vancouver so Jordan, Mike, and I went to see the colossal hit Jurassic World.

This has been the movie I've been looking forward to since I first heard about it. I love the first Jurassic Park, tolerate the second and *shrug* the third one.

The original follows the book more closely--while Crichton did write Lost World, it always felt like he wrote it as an obligation, not because he believed in it. That's my own opinion. And just for the record, Jurassic Park, the book is one of my all-time favorite books.

So, back to Jurassic World. It's awesome! It returns us to the wonder that was Jurassic Park with a few enhancements. Chris Pratt at the top of the list. He's on his way to competing with Harrison Ford when it comes to blockbuster franchises--as he's set to play Starlord again and there's talk that there will be a Jurassic World 2 (+).

And I love the continuity of bringing back B.D.Wong as the scientist who creates the I-Rex. In the original, Wong is there with Sam Neill when the egg begins to hatch. And he's back here as the senior scientist. What a promotion!

And those rolling spheres to your right, who wouldn't want to ride in one of those? Dinos included or not?

And of course, there's a bad guy--who wants to use the dinos for nefarious reasons. Villains just never seem to learn, do they?

All-in-all it follows the Jurassic formula:
Kids in peril--check
Roaming dinosaur awe--check
Villian who will destroy park with plans--check
Everybody in peril before lights go on--check

I think Mr. Crichton would be pleased with this extension of his imagination.