Wednesday, May 31

#RomBKLove ~ @AuthorKristina Knight's Favorites...

well, some of them, anyway!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been following a hashtag on Twitter - #RomBkLove. Authors and readers are getting together to share some of their favorite things about the romance genre, from favorite authors to books we re-read over and over, to favorite tropes, to least favorite get the idea.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite romances. There are more, of course, and some books come on and off the list according to whatever I happen to be obsessed with at the moment (like secret heirs, or firefighters, or enemies-to-lovers, get the drift).

Also, because I don't want the books to be mad at me, there is no particular order to these...although I will say I've read Montana Sky at least 10 times, which is probably the record for my personal library. Please, other books, don't be discouraged by this, I'll read you again, too...probably, many times.

Okay, Nora is on this list, and as regular WW readers know, I have a thing for Nora books. The old, the new, I'm particularly obsessed with her trilogies and quads (The Quinns, anyone? I mean, G.A.H.!!), but Montana Sky is, I think, my first Nora read, and I've gone back to it time and again. I just love the characters and the backstory to them, the ranch aspect.

Another oldie-but-goodie makes the list because it's the first grown up (as in, not teen-angsty) romance. I stole it off my Grandmother's bookshelf when I was in junior high, and just loved the whole thing. Even the parts that kinda make me cringe now because it was written in the 70s or 80s and bits of the hero's portions are...hyper-alpha and borderline uncaring of how the heroine feels. We'll just leave it at that. But, there is a happy ever after and the heroine is a strong woman and those elements always slay me.

I started reading Jude Deveraux books on a lark - I hadn't read any paranormal romances - like, ever - because I'm not all that into vamps or weres or things that go bump in the night...but a good friend recommended her to me because her books were (at the time) more time-travel-para than shifter-things-para. So I jumped into The Summer House, and I couldn't put it down. The idea that we could possibly get a do-over at life was enthralling to me, because although I love my life and wouldn't really change anything...there are things I might do differently. The 'what if' of traveling down another path and being able to choose which road to stay on is very interesting.

A list like this isn't complete without mentioning fellow-wrangler Liz
Flaherty, but while I love all of her books, Back to McGuffey's is definitely a favorite of mine. Liz has a way of bringing characters to life so that you want to live in her books. She did that with McGuffey's...I still want a sequel, if you're listening, Liz! ;D

Maisey Yates is a newer-but-favorite author. I started reading her Harlequin Presents a few years ago, and have never stopped. A couple of years ago, she put out a trilogy of single-title-ish books, about cowboys and I gobbled the trilogy up as quickly as she put out the books. Now, she's writing another series, with small towns and cowboys and set in Oregon...and I love those books, too, but the Un-series is a favorite of mine. What I like about Maisey's books is the humor - it's very real and a little twisted and just so freaking likeable!

Okay, WordWrangler Readers, have a favorite romance book or author? Share in the comments - because summer reading season is upon us!                                 ~Kristina


  1. Good list, Kristina. I couldn't agree more about Liz Flaherty, although my personal fave is ONE MORE SUMMER. That book just gets me. I don't have favorite authors so much as favorite settings--Paris, Ireland, Indiana, San Francisco--and favorite storylines--anything that has a little mystery going.

    1. ah, the importance of setting - you're so right! thanks for stopping in, Nan!

  2. Thank you both for the shout-outs. I love MONTANA SKY, too, and Jude Deveraux got me when she first wrote about the Montgomerys and the Taggerts way back when. Like you and Nan, I'm a Wrangler fan. THE DAUGHTER HE WANTED and ONCE MORE FROM THE TOP hold places of pride on my list. Kathleen Gilles Seidel is probably my very favorite Writing Voice of All Time, with Kristan Higgins slipping in there, too.

    Actually, the idea of choosing favorites is just too hard. I'm going to go read now.

    1. it *is* hard!!! And thanks for the shout-out, Liz! :D