Tuesday, January 5

Remembering Frank

Happy New Year!
I bet you think this post is going to be about New Year's resolutions and all that stuff.
I have a few, the same ones I make every year--finish 1-2 manuscripts, query more, enter contests. Lose weight. Be nicer. Blah, blah, blah.
But in this early New Year, I want to remember my friend Frank Meyer. For a long time I was part of a super-cool critique group, the Tuesday Night Group. It was an in-town group and was comprised of my longest CP, Kim, who also writes romance and is an amazing CP. Then there was Vicki who is also a romance writer, her husband Mike, a fantasy writer. John, who wrote mainstream, and Gail who wrote women's fiction.
And Frank.
He was an older gentleman, extreme right wing, gifted writer.
Frank was also a pastor.
I waivered the first time I took in a love scene...would Frank object?
I knew the others would be fine. But what about this straight-laced gentleman?
I shouldn't have worried.
Frank never flinched.
I'd never say he liked it, but he read the writing, commented on the plot, characterization or whatever, but never disdained romance.
I loved that.
He self-pubbed four of his books and he worked dilegently to market them, but never saw the success he deserved.
The group broke up, and it wasn't pretty. Most of us didn't even stay on speaking terms.
I stayed in touch with Frank, though, through occasional emails or calls. I emailed him when I got my website last summer and he said he wasn't feeling well, but still working on his books. he asked if I was still writing. I said yes, and he said he prayed for me to sell.
I wished him well, said I'd be in touch.
I never talked to him again.
Together, Kim and I went to his funeral in December.
Raising my glass to you, Frank.
I miss you, and I love you.


  1. Its hard to lose a friend. Life sometimes has a way of getting in and robbing us their friendships. But as long as he's remembered, his spirit lives on. You do him justice.


  2. It's hard to lose a friend. In more ways than one. I'm glad you were able to converse with him and remain friends through the hoopla.


  3. you are so lucky to have had that last conversation with him...and to keep him as a friend even after the disastrous break-up. Hugs on your loss, my friend...and know that Frank isn't the only person in the world who saw the talent in your writing. :)

  4. Thanks, Obe and Hales.
    Frank was a dear...I'll always remember him.

  5. Kristi,
    Next to Kim, you've been my longest supporter.
    Love ya!

  6. What a great tribute. I don't know whether writers value friendship more than "real people," but sometimes if seems as though we feel it more. I'm sorry for your loss, but I celebrate the lasting friendship you shared.

  7. D'Ann -

    When you do sell (and you will), it will be a wonderful tribute to Frank.


  8. Thank you, Liz and Kels.
    My writer friends are so special to me. I still miss the fun that group had. It was a wonderful time.

  9. God bless Frank, he sounds a great man. He'll be watching out for your book on the shelves, so keep on keeping on :-)

  10. A good time to remember that people come into our lives for a time, a season or a reason. Glad you had your time with Frank.

  11. D'Ann, I am so glad you wrote about Frank. I think its a tribute he would have been proud of. We may have differed on world politics but Frank always made you dig deeper to see if there was more under the surface. I am having such a hard time thinking he's gone but in my heart I know he's looking out for both of us. I am also keenly aware of his disappoinment that I quit writing. Been thinking on that alot and I started a new story this week. I feel like he's over my shoulder pushing me a little bit. When our crit group broke so badly it made me question every word I'd ever written but I believe its time to get back on the horse.


  12. Jo and Anna,
    Thank you!
    Frank was dear to me.

  13. Kim!
    A new story!
    I'm so excited!!!
    Frank was always proud of us, whether we wrote or not.
    You were so special to him. And he to you.