Tuesday, November 26

Happy Birthday, Brandi

Happy birthday, Brandi! Twenty-eight years ago today, my only child was born in Jackson, Mississippi. I wanted a daughter and I was blessed to have the best one ever!

Most everyone has a special "book supporter" in their lives. Mine is my daughter. She has read and re-read my manuscripts. When she was young, she would read Mississippi Blues in a perfect southern accent.

Rejections? The first person I called was Brandi. Always loyal, she'd say, "Their loss, Mom."

When Jennifer Lawler contacted me to say they wanted Wild Horses, I screamed, then cried. Brandi came tearing out of the other room to see what was wrong. When I told her nothing was wrong, but somebody actually wanted my book, she happy danced with me.

The other day, I saw her with her Kindle, reading.

"What are you reading?" I asked./

 "Ride A Falling Star," she said.

"I could send it to you."

"I know," she answered, "but I want to support you."

I'm a lucky woman to have such a wonderful daughter. Happy birthday, Brandi. I love you to the moon and stars and back.


  1. Happy birthday to Brandi, and blessings to you, D. I've got me some girls, too, and it's amazing how much life is enriched by their presence!

  2. Happy Birthday Brandi. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! It's a great feeling to have a wonderful daughter who brightens your life!

  3. Happy Birthday, Brandi!! Have a fabulous day!! Thank you so much for supporting your mom because she is one awesome writer!!

  4. Happy birthday to Brandi!! And, D'Ann, your relationship with Brandi is amazing and special - hold it close, always.

  5. Happy Bday, Brandi. You sound like a wonderful daughter. And you have a great mom - who is a fabulous writer. :)

  6. Wow!! How awesome is it when someone supports and enjoys your writing, especially when that someone is family! :)