Tuesday, February 18

Good stuff!

A few years ago an in-town crit group ended badly. I won't go into all the seedy details, but one person in particular made it miserable for all of us. He was the husband of one of the writers in the group, and he also wrote.

It was a mixed bag...romance, Christian fiction and a thriller, among others. For awhile, we all became very close and very good friends.

But the truth was, we were just too different and wrote too differently to make it work, or last.

This one man delighted in telling me that my work was no good. Not publishable.

About a week ago, I bumped into this same fellow at my old retail job. With his old familiar smirk, he asked me to get him some super glue.

"I don't work here any more," I said and went to the checklanes.

He followed me there a few minutes later. "What are you doing now?" he asked.

"Writing full time," I said and paid.


 "Next month, I'll have 13 published books out," I said.

 "That's good," he mumbled.

"Yeah, it is." I took my merchandise and left with a smile.

And you know what? It is good! Good to be published. Good to have books people want to read.
And it's especially great that I proved that group of people wrong...I do have good great books!


  1. Nothing like a nice bowlful of credibility! :-) Good for you, D!

  2. You sure do! Go get 'em D'Ann!

  3. Oh, I love this anecdote! Chanel was right. The best revenge is to live well. High five to you!