Sunday, September 13

Postcards from...

by Liz Flaherty

Yes, I know it's Sunday and we don't post on Sundays, but this week is a little different. Nan and I are starting on a road trip in the morning. We'll be gone all week, doing a girlfriends-writers thing, but we'll check in every day with pictures and stories. Our own little Postcards from the the Road.

I've been packing and unpacking for the last several days. Nan said she didn't want to overpack, but if she doesn't, I won't be able to borrow her clothes, so where will that leave me? We are taking necessities (wine glasses, chocolate, coffee cups that don't collapse on themselves...) and clothing that will adapt to the climate changes sure to occur.

Nan's driving, which means we'll automatically turn in at wineries, teashops
(okay, that one's me), and bookstores. She's scoped out quilt shops where we're going, too (that one's also me), but I tend to spend a little too much at those, so we may only hit one.

I have to go repack what I just unpacked, and make sure the wineglasses are wrapped in a towel and that I have a paring knife. Stop back in tomorrow. We'll be checking in!

Nan, here! I've packed and unpacked several times as well and have about decided that I'm just a big ol' overpacker. Now there's probably medication you can take for that, but why would I? After all, Lizzie needs me! So no fear, Lizzie--we have plenty to wear, baby!

I am excited beyond words for our trip to begin--and yes, we will be blogging every mile...well, okay not every mile, but at least every day. And we'll include plenty of photos both here and on the Word Wranglers Facebook page and we'll even tweet if the spirit moves us and our phones have service.

The best part for me is traveling with a great writer who inspires me and I hope will challenge me to get some real writing done this week. Yeah, it's on you, Liz--in between wineries, orchards, beaches, quilt shops, and tea parlors, I have to write! Also, I'm so pleased to be sharing my favorite place in the world with Liz--she's going to go down memory lane with me as I show her all the spots we went to regularly when I was kid camping with my mom and sibs. No, no camping for Lizzie and me--hotels all the way, because since becoming a grown-up, I'm not a camper...suffice to say that if a hotel doesn't have room service or WiFi, I'm camping.

We're counting on lots of safe traveling energy from you guys , so send it out to us! More tomorrow!!


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    1. Thanks, Judy. We're looking forward to it. Watch for updates! :-)

  2. Happy traveling! Can't wait to see some pictures and hear some great writer stories!