Research and Learning by Jana Richards

One of the things I love most about writing is that I'm constantly learning. I've researched all kinds of random things, from how to pick a lock or crack a safe, to the date flashlights first came into use. For my historicals, I've researched World War Two, particularly the French Resistance, British war brides and D-Day. I want the facts I use to be as accurate as I can make them. The last thing I want is for a reader to fling my book across the room in disappointment because they come across something that doesn't ring true. So, when I knew that bipolar disorder would run in my main character’s family in my current work-in-progress, I realized I needed to know a lot more about the condition.  I started my research on the Internet. It was great for facts and figures, but what I really wanted to know was what it was like to live with someone who is bipolar.  A friend of mine has a son with the disorder, but I was reluctant to ask questions. It seemed so personal and pri

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