Where'd That Come From? by Janie DeVos

                                         As a writer, I'm fascinated by words; the proper use of them, the correct pronunciation of them, as well as sentence structure, of course.  When I hear a word I don't know the meaning of, I run to a dictionary or pull it up on Goggle.  If I don't, the lack of knowing nags at me until I stop what I'm doing and look it up.  Another thing that fascinates me are expressions or idioms.  We use them everyday, and most of us have little to no idea where they came from.    Oftentimes, there are more explanations than one as to where an expression was born, but here are some that I found pretty interesting. Warning: A few are pretty ghoulish.  It just goes to show you how little we know about those wacky, wonderful words we use to express ourselves everyday.  Enjoy!     1). Armed to the teeth Origin : A possible origin is 17th century pirates who wanted to make sure they never ran out of ammunition held a gun in each hand and a

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