Tuesday, June 23

Identity Crisis

I have discovered that somewhere along the line in the past year I have lost part of my identity, that personal aspect that helps define who a person is. Sure I still have most of it, the mother, the wife, lover, but I have lost those little personal things that individualize me. I no longer do anything just for me, If I have a few moments to soak in the bathtub I feel almost pampered. I used to do things for myself, write, walk, spend time with friends, etc. Somewhere along the line that has stopped and I miss it. I need to get back to it, I need to make time for myself as well, because I was so much happier when I felt like a more rounded individual. I think that as women we are so much more likely to let life suck the vitality out of us by the common day to day doings of life. We become so focused on our husbands, our jobs, our children, our homes that we forget to focus some on ourselves as well!! I am going to try to take back some time for myself. I dont think it is selfish to want an hour or two all to myself, to do the things I enjoy!!

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