Saturday, June 20

The passage of time

Time slips by like a whisper on the wind, dissapearing before you realize it was even there. Today is my husband and my 10th Anniversary. It was wonderful, my husband did the real life romance, took me to a nice restaurant, had them bring chilled sparkling grape juice (we dont drink) and a single long stemmed rose, then before bed he snuck in the bedroom and lit candles and spread rose petals all over the bed!! Sweet!! The things romance novels are built on! The heady scent of roses in the flickering light of a darkened room.

Getting to this point was no easy feat, we have had our share of ups and downs, alot of downs, but somehow we made it this far. The weird thing is, it doesnt feel like ten years!! I was looking at pictures from our weddings, and it strikes me the most when I look at the pictures or the kids (we were both married before and both have children from previous marriages.) These chubby faced toddlers, adorable little boys and girls, are now teenagers, some graduated, some with children of their own. It seems like you blink and everything has changed, except you of course, those cant possibly be strands of gray creeping into your hair, or wrinkles etching around your eyes, that is impossible!!

It is amazing how much can change in ten years, or in one year, or even a month, week or a day!! In the blink of an eye. Hmmm. Apparently I am in the mood to write this evening. Too bad its after midnight and I am going to bed! Hopefully The mood will remain and I will take the plunge and open up that long forgotten file with my current WIP in it and dust off the virtual cobwebs and breathe some new life into my characters. Currently they seem content to lounge in my brain, maybe they went on an extended summer vacation. They only seem to want to speak to me as I am trying to fall asleep.

And my poor critique partners, I have probably close to a dozen chapters sitting in a file waiting for critiques and calling my name! I will get to them soon, I swear!!

Blame it on Summer and school being out and the kids being home and making messes faster than I can clean them up, I seem to spend all my time cleaning, but I am trying to spend some quality time with the kids too, taking little road trips, going swimming or on picnics and walks. After all, I got to see them so little when I was working and during this litle interlude before I find another job, I need to squeeze as much time with them as I can. I realize all too vividly these days that even though I have two teenagers and two under the age of 10, before I know it they will be gone and I will never be able to get back this time with them. What a sobering thought! Okay I am done rambling for the night!

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