Monday, June 15

wasted days and wasted nights

I had all last weekend plus today to write and have not gotten so much as one word written. Oh, I read over what I'd already had. The latest chapter I've subbed for critique with my fellow critters. But instead of writing anything new, I wasted four days reading whats already been polished and fiddled around with my ing words, changing some to ed. Of course after another go through, I'd changed some of them back. No wonder it takes me over a year to complete a 65,000 word manuscript. I lack discipline. A very much required ingredient to sucessfully forge ahead without all those wasted hours re-reading. I've heard say to turn off the internal editor, trust yourself and your muse, and get-r-done! Then... and only then, comes the time to start second guessing ourself.
Okay, guess I'll try it again on Wed. my next offical free day. Maybe I'll have better luck.


  1. Don't let it get you down, it happens to the best of us. This week, I had to clean my desk off to get ready for the grad party we threw for our daughter, and I came across some stuff I'd written a while ago, and I start thinking, maybe this is what I should be working on. Never mind, the three beginnings I'm juggling right now. I know, I KNOW, I should pick one to focus on, but heck, where's the fun in that?

  2. Exactly, Margie! Where's the fun? And that's why we write in the first place. I'm glad you found/kept your old stuff. It's great fun to see what caught our interst at one point and time. Maybe now is the time to go at it again.
    Thanks for the enouragement!