Thursday, June 11

Why Archie chose Veronica--Conflict, of course

Christi blogged about weddings and I agree, there's nothing better than finding your true love or being witness to those who are taking their vows committing to that Happy Ever After we all search for.
Imagine my shock when I learned that my favorite comic book hero, Archie, chose Veronica over Betty? Everybody knows what a spoiled, conniving woman she is. Why would the author allow her to get the ring?
And then it hit me. In order for our stories to be a sucess, there has to be conflict. Something to keep the reader so emotionally engaged in the hero/heroines journey they're willing to lose sleep, burn the dinner, read at stop lights, anything to get to the end of a hard earned Happy Ever After.
Looking at the caption with Archie on bended knee, and Betty wiping a tear in the background, I wish I could reassure her that all is not lost. This is just another fork in the road, a black moment, no doubt. But Veronica's character is bound to wear down even the most amorous of affections. And in the end, I know Betty will be there to help Archie heal.

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