Thursday, June 11

Writing Blues and critique groups

Most of us have been writing for a long time, years even! I think that as a writer every one of us hits a dry spell, sometimes these last for a few hours, sometimes a few months. The longer you go without writing the harder it seems to be to get back into the groove of things. That is why joining a critique group is so important for those writers who are serious about their writing! If you are not writing in your own book, it really helps to keep in the process of reading and helping edit other people's work. I have learned so much from my critique partners and it has improved my own writing so much! The best critique groups are there to support each other through more than just writing problems, they become your friends and your family. They are there to support and celebrate your achievments and boost you up when you have failures. And one thing you must learn is that you WILL have failures, even JK Rowling and Stephen King were rejected at first. It can get discouraging, but DONT GIVE UP, keep at it, and join a critique group!


  1. It's true, CPs can either make or break you. I have several, not only the girls here, but some one on ones, and also some groups. I'm luck to have found the best of the best!

  2. It's so important for critique partners to encourage and reveal the things that are good and not so good about our writing. A helpful critique not only helps you see your story flaws, but also offers ways to improve it. I value each and every one of my writing buddies.