Tuesday, July 14

The End

I'm not big on endings. Hate saying goodbye when friends move away or change jobs. Completely bereft when I hit the season finale of a favorite television show. But I've been racing for weeks to finish my latest book, and all I could think about was the huge measure of relief I'd feel at typing the last two words - The End. You see, I had a deadline, and the stress of meeting it eclipsed much of the joy of writing recently. On Saturday, twenty minutes late for a party and with smoke practically coming off the keyboard, I finally wrapped up the happily ever after, and waited for the celebration to commence.

But an hour later, drink in hand, surrounded by people who wanted to celebrate with me, I just couldn't. For I'd left behind my characters who I truly adored. I loved spending time with them, being a part of their world. They came to life on the screen and in my head, and they were so much fun! Its time to let go, and I'm not ready. Guess I have as hard a time saying goodbye to imaginary friends as I do to real ones.....


  1. Oh, I totally get that. My only adult mainstream novel took me two years to complete and those characters had been running around in my head for about ten years before I got their story down on paper. While I was writing it, I used to go to sleep thinking about the chapter I'd write the next day. After "the end" I wasn't sure what to try and dream about.

  2. I think it's because like conception, they become a part of you. You love everything about them. Lets face it, when you spend as much time as it takes to complete a novel, you know these characters inside and out. All their flaws and weaknesses. Watching your characters deal with and overcome major turning points in their lives, it's natural to worry how they'll make without us. And even how we'll make it without them. On the bright side, now everyone who 'meets' this wonderful cast of people can love them too!