Tuesday, September 22

Critique Partners

In my writing life, I've had a lot, and I mean a ton of CPS. For years, I ran an in-town group that had all genres, and both sexes writing. It had its ups and downs, but I loved it. Finally, after many years, it broke up this past Spring. What a talented bunch they all are!
I've had two longtime CPs that I wouldn't take anything for--two cherished friends I trust with every word, every comma and everything in between. If either of them decides not to be my CP any longer, that will be the end of writing as I know it. Hear me, Kristi? Kim?
I also have two or three one-on-one CPs who I exchange chapters or sometimes only just bounce ideas off of. For one reason or another, these women don't want to be in groups, and we work well as we are.
And then there are the groups. One huge group, the RWCCritique group, run by Charlotte Dillon. When I want to get some quick, and generally impersonal feedback, I post a chapter or two there. I've found most of my CPs there, so thanks, Charlotte. I was just thinking about it, and almost every successful pairing of CPs I've had has come from that list, starting with Kristi, when dirt was still young!
I can't forget Morgan's Crits. Those gals are fierce, getting sales like crazy!
But the two I rely on the most are two groups of CPs. Can't even call them that--
they're my friends. None of us have ever met, we're scattered all over the world, but my day just isn't complete without a chat, comment or full-blown crit from one or all of them.
Without these talented ladies, my writing wouldn't be half as good. They have all brought something special to the table, and I dearly love every single one of them.
When one had to leave yesterday, I was heartbroken. I felt like crying, sulking, begging. Ok, I did all of that! It feels like there's this giant hole in my world, and not just one you can run out and replace, like a tire for a car, or something. We were together for more than two yrs, and she is so talented. I missed her before the ink on her exit paperwork was even dry. I know she's going to sell, and I am thrilled to be able to say I was a tiny part of it!
Miss ya, Tereasa!
Love ya!


  1. you know the feelings mutual, right? Can't imagine not bouncing ideas around, reading your wips and having you tell me when a paragraph or a chapter is really, really good. :)

  2. It's great working with such a talented author and a nice person.

  3. Great post D'Ann. There's nothing better than CPs you can trust. Even better when they can be friends as well as ... gosh, what else can I say, work colleagues?

    You know I've always valued your crits and love your work, it's why I keep following you around :-)

  4. I'm much like you, D'Ann. I hate change. Of any kind. Probably the reason I'm content to not push myself.
    However, I've heard the phrase, 'to get out of the comfort zone' and am trying to do that.
    It's wonderful to have such great writing partners. It sure makes the journey less lonesome.
    All the best,

  5. D'Ann, great post. I also found my CP on Charolett's site -- we've done everything from exchange chapters to toss around ideas, rant about our lives to just chat about the process of writing and getting published. It's a relationship I hope we continue!

    Good luck with your stories, dreams and all things in between!

    billi jean