Wednesday, September 30

The Influencers In Our Lives...

Hi everyone! I'm Kristina Knight, a new blogger here at WordWranglers..I'm so excited that the ladies here invited me to join them in talking about romance, writing and life! Here goes that first post!

I went to a quilting day at my church today -- before you start thinking I'm among the over 60 crowd, let me tell you I was the youngest woman there by a good 35 years. The ladies were hilarious and I started thinking about my grandma, who has been old for as long as I can remember. I love her, don't get me wrong, but she's the complete opposite of the mother-figure in the manuscript I'm working on right now. So, I started wondering where I created this person in my book -- and realized she is a composite of my great-grandmother (grandma's mom; she died when I was 13) and my paternal grandmother (who died when I was 7).

Here's what I remember about these two women: Grandma Grice (who was always referred to by both names, I don't know why, but isn't that a cool first name?) would wake up early with me in the summers when I visited her in North Carolina and walk with me for miles along the beach looking for shells. She helped me catch those little sand-bugs and fill up a jar to take home. Three days later when I cleaned out my suitcase I realized why bringing bugs home from vacation wasn't such a good idea. And then there was Big Mommy (who stood 5-feet flat and was dwarfed by my 6'2 "Big Daddy"), who talked to me and listened to my stories. She's probably the reason I'm writing today. I remember one morning when my brother and I were staying at the farm, the guys were out in the field and I was "helping" Big Mommy cook. And telling her a story of some sort. She turned to me and said, "Kristi, why don't you write this one down, so I'll always have it?" So I hopped off my high stool and headed to the front room for pencils and paper. After 30 minutes I was done and took the story in to the kitchen -- and proceeded to read it to her. I think that was the opposite of what she'd hoped for --a few minutes of quiet without my story echoing in her ear. But she just smiled and hugged me. That story hung on the refrigerator til we left. When she died, it was in a box she kept by her bed. I lost it somewhere along the line. I wish I still had it.

Now that I've grown up, my influencers are the people closest to my heart - the one's who understand my need to write and my desire to become published. The ladies on this blog are some of them, along with my husband and 'real life' friends, they keep me motivated and writing and hoping that the next call with be The Call.


  1. Kristi, what wonderful memories to have of the women in your family who came before you! I too have fond memories of my paternal grandmother. I think secretly, I was always her favourite out of the many grandchildren she had... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very sweet story, Kristina. I didn't spend nearly enough time with my grandparents before they all passed away. It's wonderful that you've got these memories.

  3. I love this blog post and it's got me thinking. I only have one grandparent left now and although she's never been a big reader of M&B she's always been an influence on my life--she's such a strong woman. She probably got that from her own mother who was left a widow (her husband was lost at sea before my grandma was even born) with 4 children. Hugely inspiring ladies.

  4. Nice post, Kristi. I can see these women, and made me think of my own grandma Linscott. What a fireball she was! I'd like to think I'm a bit like her!

  5. Thanks for the nice welcome (via comments) everyone!

    Joanne, my grandmothers were avid readers, although only one read M&Bs (she still does ... M&Bs and wordsearches are her drugs of choice!)...your grandmother sounds like a strong woman!!

    D'Ann, you're definitely a fireball - and I bet you get that from her!

    Milena, I've always thought I was the favorite, too! ;) Hopefully my siblings and cousins skip over these comments so I don't get reamed for saying it 'out loud'!

    Jamie, I bet if you really think about it, you've got a few memories tucked away, too.