Wednesday, October 14

You May Want To Leave The Left Lane...

One of my favorite things in the world is new car smell. Yesterday, the DH and I spent the day at the dealership buying - for me - my first absolutely new, no one has ever owned this car before car. Well, truck. We're truck people. So last night we took the new truck out on the highway to do a little post-buying performance test. He drove one way and I drove home. The problem? I drive in the left lane. Not always, but a lot. See, when I pass another driver I sometimes forget to get back over in the right - yes, we were on a divided highway and not a two lane road. So I'm cruising along at 70, no other cars around, in the left lane when DH says, "Um, you could get back over now."

Whoops!! I didn't even realize I was in the left lane. I was just cruising and enjoying the drive.

I wasn't bothering anyone, I wasn't driving slow in the fast lane. But it got me thinking. Sometimes I do that with my writing, too.

I go too fast, I go too slow, I add details that are unnecessary. Usually I catch them in the rewrite, but wouldn't it be great if I didn't? If I remember the rules of the road, so to speak, and got it right the first time? I know, wishful thinking. Do you find yourselves doing this book after book, too?


  1. LOL!
    What does it mean when I swerve all over the road? That's a metaphor for you! Can't stay in one lane, can't focus, don't see very well!

  2. Ha! I do that, too, from time to time!

  3. That is sooo hubby is alwaystelling me to get back over in the right the point, it annoys me...I tell him there's two lanes, they can use the other one to pass me if they don't like me being in the left lane or they want aunt would say, if they wanted in front, they should have left