Friday, November 13


Do you ever just sit back, look at your life, scratch your head and wonder how the heck you ever got to this ? Life can mimic fantasy with plot twists and turns and dark moments, the sad part is that you cant script your own life, you cant write in that happy ending. I love writing it's an escape from the real world, a place where you can make people say things you want them to say, but I especially love being able to manipulate the emotions and feelings of my characters. If I want the hero to fall in love with the girl and spend countless nights yearning for her, I have that power. I think all of us wish we had that ability in real life, or have at one point in time. Who hasn't suffered from unrequited love, that heartbreaking longing to have that one person love you back? Who hasn't had that lover that just doesn't get it and wished to be able to make them think and feel what you want them to? Life just doesnt work that way, we have to make our own happy endings in real life, and realize that sometimes being happy isnt getting what we want but wanting what we get. Life is also full of "I don't want to moments." Lately I find myself telling numerous people that sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.
Yes, if you want to survive and have money for neccessities, most people have to work. If you want to keep your job, you have to go to work on time, which means yes, you have to get out of bed in the mornings (this is a tough one for me some days!) The kids, have to get up and go to school if they want to pass and sometimes they just have to because mom and dad say so. I don't understand people who go through life with that not caring mentality, with that I don't want to so I'm not going to do it attitude. Sometimes I dont want to just isnt an option ! And sometimes the things you really WANT to do are not possible. There are alot of things I want to do that I can't right now, for instance I WANT to finish my 3rd book, definitely isn't going to happen in 2009, because right now my life is full of the HAVE to's, and sometimes you need to prioritize. I am confident that I will be able to pencil in time to write and do some of the other WANT TO'S probably after the holiday's, but for now I guess I can find contentment in this chapter of my life and try to have faith that the twists being thrown my way will turn out fine in the end. As far as stories go, at least it's rarely boring!

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