Tuesday, November 24

A new friend

A while back another contributor here, Christi, blogged about ending a manuscript. How it was hard to let go of the characters she'd created.
But, my post is about the other end-- the beginning. How much fun is it to create a world filled with people I made up!
I create stories from a "vision". I'll get a flash of a scene, just like from a movie, and voila! There's my story idea.
Recenly, I had three flashes for stories. I had to really think about it to decide which one to write. Two were about cowboys, people I know a little something about.
But I chose a mercenary and a damaged SAR member.
That was the easy part, now the world building. I don't do angels and demons; vamps or werewolves, so you'd think my worlds are pretty easy. But not as simple as you would think.
Before I knew it, I was up against a rock. I don't know that much about mercenaries. I don't even know that much about SAR.
But the story drives me to know these people, to explore their world. Although I barely know them now, I want to know them inside and out. Learn what makes them tick, their secrets, their goals . . . their story.
And, like Christi, I will be sad to say goodbye when the story is done.


  1. Oh geez, that brought tears to my eyes. Yes its like turning your babies loose. Be free,find a good home, live long...

    Great blog by the way. I love that you get those "VISIONS" too. I thought I was the only one. Nice to know I'm in good company.

    Nancy O

  2. So true, it is sad to come to the end of a story and let set it free after spending countless hours obsessing and being possessed by the characters.

    Great Blog!


  3. That's sweet. I do angels and demons and witches and warlocks but there is something about building a contemporary world. Be it Mercs, Naval Seals or the US Coast Guard. *wiggles brows* It is sad when it's complete but then again, you get to start a new one! Way wicked on the movie clip. I like music so normally a line or the way the artist srcreams,sings the lyric will grab me and hurl me into a writing frenzy!
    Love the blog!

  4. Darn it I spelled screams wrong!

  5. Thanks, gals!
    Yes, I have "visions"! LOL! Don't tell anyone.
    World building is difficult, whether it be normal or para!

  6. I love the start of a new wip, although I've been a little slow with the newest new wip. Mostly because I'm still letting go of the story I just finished. But that joy of 'seeing' the first few pages of a new character is so cool, kind of like meeting a new friend. I want to know everything about them as quickly as possible.

  7. Hey, Kristi!
    I just dropped by your blog. After all these years, I didn't know you got "flashes" too!
    Good post over there, btw.

  8. Hi, D'Ann,

    I think the hardest part is getting the right beginning. They say if your beginning isn't strong, editors simply toss your book aside, and I believe that. I can't tell you how many times I write and then rewrite the beginning sentences of my novels.

    Jacqueline Seewald
    THE DROWNING POOL, Five Star/Gale 2009--request it at your local library!

  9. Yes, I think this is true. I love openings. I think they may be one of my stronest points!
    Thanks, Jaqueline.