Wednesday, December 9

In Lieu of a Real Post...

Okay, this is a real post, but it's a different kind of post in that I'm going to link you guys to some really good posts I've been reading lately about the writing industry. Why am I doing so much reading? Because it's the end of the year and I'm coming up with a 2010 Plan of Attack...and because I'm a little anal. I love the writing part of writing, but the business part is a little trickier. I find that if I don't have a plan I'm just writing with my head in the sand. I'm not paying attention to trends (not type-of-book trends, actual industry trends) and I'm doing myself and my writing a disservice.

Yes, we should be writing the books of our hearts but if we're not ready to do some marketing for those books, what is the point? Who will know? Or care? The more prepared we are, the better chance our book has of 1) making it to the shelves and 2) doing well ...

So, I thought I'd share three posts that really make me think this week - about my own writing, about my chances in this industry and about how I'm going to attack 2010 with a passion!

Agent Kristin over at PubRants has the low-down on a new upper-teens/early twenties imprint at St. Martin's Press...

Agent Jessica over at Bookends Lit Agency has a cool post on the likeability of characters and how important it is to create likeable characters.

Agent Scott is talking about the changes in publishing going on right now.


  1. Great post, Kristi! This is exactly what I needed to hear. Honestly, I love the idea of being a panster. But when I run into roadblocks, boy do they slow me donw. Now were I to be prepared, like maybe with an outline, even a small one, it might not take me nearly as long to work my way through the rough spots.
    Thanks for the links, too!