Monday, December 28

Planning....for Everything

This time of year all the writers loops I'm on talk about goal-setting for next year. News anchors talk about resolutions (which I prefer to do on my birthday). Now, I'll happily admit to being a planner. Nothing makes me happier than writing out a mile long to-do list. I even have lists of contingency plans. So it will come as no surprise that I like to plot. Each novel has an overview, then a breakdown by character, and finally a detailed outline by chapter. Except that sometimes the system breaks down.
The chapter outlines generally get figured out about 2-3 chapters ahead of whatever I'm writing. Then life gets in the way, and I forget I've run out of my plan until I'm suddenly floundering, directionless. This happened last night. Computer working well, cozy blanket tucked around my legs, distraction free....and no idea of how to end my current chapter. Can't end it until I know where everyone is headed, right? Every time I run up against this wall, I'm genuinley disgruntled at my lack of imagination. Until I remember that once my plan is in place, the words will flow faster than snow melt in the desert.
So I'll set my 2010 goals, because if everything in my book falls into place with a plan, why shouldn't my life?

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  1. great attitude, christi!! and good luck with those resolutions.