Tuesday, December 1

Writing through the holidays

I'm amazed at how fast the months fly by and I find myself overwhelmed with holiday stuff. I love everything about the month of December, and naturally, I want to do everything. From black Friday shopping to decorating, then of course there's extra cleaning, cooking and entertaining. Cookie parties and tree trimming. I'm always fortunate to get my share of this stuff done. But that means my writing has to take back seat. At least for the month.
But it occured to me that even while I'm busy fighting traffic, standing in line at the checkout, or bent over the oven cleaning, (ugh) I am still in the writing mode because my mind is wrapped up in plot, characters and settings. I'm thinking about what my characters are going to do next. Sometimes I make little notes to myself so I don't forget. On my turkey run last week, I took my Alpha smart and gave myself 30 minutes at the city park to begin a new scene. Last night my two daughters came over for dinner with the grandkids. Even though I was 'on call', dishing up goulash and pouring juice, over the chatter, the girls and I had a mini brainstorming sesson. Cool! The greatest thing about writing is the fact you can do it any time and almost anywhere. How do you write when you don't have time?


  1. I'm like you, Terease! I write in little spurts or make notes or take that extra few minutes of 'alone time' to start a scene/make a detailed outline ... The holidays rush by so fast that I want to take it all in, but I've found that keeping up with my writing makes it even sweeter when the New Year rolls around!

  2. Okay, this may show up twice...because the blog ate my first comment! Sorry if that happens!

    I'm like you, Tereasa! Making a little extra time or 'multi-tasking' is the only way to get through the holidays. Whether it's addressing Christmas cards while baking or taking thirty minutes or an hour to sit and write a new scene/make a detailed outline/do a character sketch, multi-tasking keeps me sane when the crazy holidays roll around! Plus, by keeping up with my writing (and everything else!) during the holidays makes the New Year even sweeter!

  3. Hi Kristi!
    I agree, it's so nice in January to be able to jump back into the story full swing. Lately I've found that by writing up scene cards, they remind me of what I had planned to write next. And on really good days, when the characters actually tell me the story, well, it doesn't get any better!
    Happy writing and Happy holidays too!