Friday, January 15

It’s all in the name.

Sometimes, I just have a heckuva time coming up with a name for my hero/heroine. My first ms, my heroine was named Kylie Brandt. I thought it sounded classy. So classy that the real Kylie Brandt is a many-times-published author for Harlequin. Oops.

My hero was named Jack. Jack Ryder. Who just turns out to be an actor. Oookay. So I went with Damien Ryder. Ok, good to go.

Picking a name for your hero/heroine is a challenge. A lot of you use baby name books or websites. Some just pull them out of their brains like rabbits out of a magic hat. And some of us, namely me, struggle.

So I found a few websites to help me find juuuuust the right name.

The Rock Star Name Generator
Ok, you’re laughing. But seriously, give it a shot. I played with it for days. My mom’s rock star name (not that I’m telling her) is Jade Frost. Cool or what?

Behind the Name
The Random Name Generator lets you choose which ethnic heritage, male or female, first and/or last names.

Fantasy Name Generator
Looking for a really funky name for your space alien, werewolf or dragon? Take a peek at this one!

The Fluffy Kitty Name Generator
Turns my little kitty Marmalade into Sparkle Merriweather…

If I go to the Pirate Name Generator I become Iron Deficient Jasmine. Yo ho.

Need a business name for a company?
Try the business name generator

Oh, there’s no end to it all….gangsta names, proper British names, Harry Potter names. And while you’re out there, trying to find just the perfect name, don’t forget to stop by the Super Hero/Villain name generator.

Where I am known as Fighter Lass. Bedecked in leopard print tights and a fur (fake of course) cape, I strike fear into the…..ahem. Yes, well. Nice site anyways. Stop by for a visit sometime when you need a superhero.




  1. I love name generators...if you're curious my stripper name is Tippie Van Sant (from that kid game).. Great links, Carrie!

  2. I don't struggle much with names. But I have to admit Sparkle Merriweather has me intrugued :)

  3. Whoa, great blog. Of course, now I'm looking at one of my cats thinking, "Hmmm...Merriweather..." because he's a fat little thing and thta name sounds--sorry,Carrie--chubby!

    I don't have much trouble with names until I have to change one mid-story (because, oops, there it is in someone's newly published book), because then I no long know the character.

  4. Names!
    My favorite part of the whole process! I love this post!

  5. I love picking my characters names and I usually google them to make sure they're not "real" people that've somehow entered my subconcious. Those are all great websites. When I get really stuck, I usually use the phone book, especially good for ethnic names when you don't want anything stereotypical. Great post! Thanks!

  6. My Rockstar name is Rene Deville :)

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