Friday, February 12


Ok, before you get all hot under the collar and start sending me nasty emails on my vulgarity, let me explain what this acronym means.

Butt In The Chair, Honey.

Seeeeee, it wasn’t the naughty word you thought it was. Now put away that ruler, you’re not whacking me across the knuckles with it. Go on, sit down, finish reading the article.

First of all, let me admit I am one of the world’s worst procrastinators. My taxes are always late, my clothes will sometimes take a six month vacation at the dry cleaners before I pick them up, my dust bunnies are 4th generation.

But worst of all is when I procrastinate about writing.

Oh, I have a lot to do in my life. Blizzards, a full time job, two other part time jobs, online classes, trying to keep up with my hubby’s dirty underwear pile. Seriously folks, some days I wish I could put on my cape and tights and wiggle my nose and wish it was all taken care of and I only had to cash the paycheck.

Ain’t happening.

This is the real world, full of distractions, full of LIFE. And sometimes, life gets in the way. So we deal with it. And sometimes life passes us by. And that’s where the B.I.T.C.H comes in.

When I lost power for 3 days and could have finished, polished and re-polished an entire chapter or more did I? Or did I watch The Hangover on the limited two hours battery time on my laptop instead? When I got snowed in last Monday and found myself with five free hours I wasn’t expecting did I work on Chapter Three? Or did I start a new blog design and send photos of my cats through RuPaul’s Dragulator? You guessed it.

I procrastinated.

Again. Still. Yet. More.

So tell me to B.I.T.C.H. I deserve it.

Until I learn to quit procrastinating, until I get my butt in the chair honey and just write, my ms isn’t going to be written. That sounds really stupid, but it’s true. It’s not going to write itself, *I* have to be the one pushing the typewriter keys.

So it’s time for me to get off my lazy rear, put those New Years resolutions to work, leave the Dragulator alone (but seriously, it’s a hoot). It’s time to



  1. get that butt in the chair, my friend!!!!

  2. Sad but true!

    It sometimes occurs to me that there's no one else who can do this for me. It's rather scary and heavy.

    (Also sad but true -- putting one's butt in one's chair is a good start, but one's attention must NOT wander to blogs and Wikis and LOLCATS).

  3. Carrie,you and I must be related.

  4. Two things: 1)you need a reward system. Bribery works on adults just as well as children. 2)you need a motivational goal. Finishing the book isn't enough in and of itself. Maybe there is a workshop coming up that you want to participate in, but need a finished manuscript? Or a conference? Some drop dead date (since that is the only thing procrastinators respond to) that can't be ignored. Might help!