Thursday, March 4

LIfe interruptus

We interrupt this writing to bring you your life. Funny how that happens. I had plans to reach the 20k mark this week. After last week's successful writing mentality, I was up to the challenge.
And then life happened. Didn't see that one coming.

Most of the time I'm able to back-burner my life. Chores, I'll get to them later (do not, I repeat, do not, try the white glove test in my home). Cooking, that's what my husband is for. Yard work, it's going to rain someday this week, let's pretend it's today. See, I'm really good at delegating out my responsibilities.

The life thing that happened is pretty major and pretty important, something I couldn't ignore any longer, but the news I received was so unexpected that it threw me for an emotional loop. And the residual shock waves continued on through today. My thoughts kept veering from Bixby back to the news. Plus, I had to cut short my writing time to step up and act on the news. Life gets in the way.

Granted, the week's not over yet, just my most productive writing time (aka days off) are. I work early the next three days and when I work early, I don't get as much writing done as when I close. I might just have to readjust my priorities tomorrow and go writing after work, so I can at least hit the 17K mark.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...beeeep.....leave a comment....beep......


  1. Just so my fans know...I'm not sick, or dying, nor is anyone in my family. And my marriage is safe and sound.

    I took my 20yo dd to be examined by a clinical psychologist yesterday and although we need more testing, he's pretty sure she has a host of autistic spectrum disorders--which I expected some of them, hence the visit to see him...but then he said she might have mild mental retardation...and boom, it was like a sledgehammer to my heart. Not that it, anyway changes who she is, but let me tell you, those are hard words to hear. Especially when you aren't expecting them.

  2. Hugs to you and her, Margie. One of my grandsons (13), like your daughter, has some of the traits that are a part of the spectrum. The best thing with him is that he is so very happy being who he is--I hope your dd is the same way.

    Keep us posted!

  3. I think they're also reluctant to label children with this, too, because whether we like it or not, there are negative connotations. My grandson is pretty socially inept (he's 13, though; who isnt? )but does okay in school and is great at trying things. He's going to be in a high school drama club play next week (he's 7th grade), but he wanted to do it so he asked.

    His parents are both teachers (his mother teaches spec. ed.) and this has helped. She knew when and what to test.

    The sledgehammer part; that's a biggie and I hope it doesn't prove to be the case. But if it is, it's like you said, she's still who she is. And that's great.

  4. I'm sorry, Margie.
    Hugs for you and your dd.

  5. isn't asperger's fairly new? all things considered i mean....i work with a few school teachers but never heard the term used until this past year....and the one teacher said this is the first time she's had a teacher's conference on it...


  6. Sledgehammer news is never, ever easy to deal with...big, giant sunshine filled hugs for both of you...