Wednesday, March 10

Sometimes You Just Have To Jump...

I'm a fan of extreme sports. Loved watching the flips and curls and air those snowboarders and ski jumpers got during the Olympics. But when it comes right down to it, I'm a love of extreme sports. Not a jumper-offer. Sure I'll ride just about any roller coaster, but I'm strapped in and there's very little chance I'll get thrown out, land wrong and break a leg. Or every bone in my body. And yet every summer there are three of four news headlines about people who've been maimed or killed by riding roller coasters...and nary a one about extreme sports athletes' accidents.

So why don't I take a chance and climb that wall of rock and then bungee from the top? Don't worry, I know the answer to this one: fear. Simple. Straightforward. Fear. Sure my ankles would be tied into the bungee cord...but that does nothing to protect my head, torso, arms, legs. You get the picture. At least being strapped into a roller coaster seat I have a little protection from those hard landings!

What does this have to do with writing? Sometimes you just have to jump. Straight into the deep end, off that cliff or into that half-pipe. I'm working on two wips right now - WIP from Hell and WIP from Hell: Part Deux. I actually love both of these books but they give me fits for different reasons. The characters from the first are really reluctant to grow, develop or anything resembling the nice characters from WIPs past. And WIP from Hell: Part Deux? Character issues, plotting problems, timeline issues, backstory name it, it's working me over. And yet I keep pushing forward on both of these wips because, deep down, I can feel them pushing me back.

Pushing me to take a few chances and get out of the safety net I've been writing in for the past year. During the worst of the drama surrounding our adoption of the bebe writing inside the safety net was a nice way to escape. Not a great way to write a book that would make editors take notice, but a nice way to escape the drama of real life and relax.

So, like every great extreme sports athlete out there I'm ignoring the monster drops, loose bungee cords ...and I'm jumping.

PS: for thos of you still wondering...yes, the water is warm again!


  1. Jump!
    Boy, do I get a manuscript that is a mess. But the fun of untangling it has been a huge jump for me. I usally throw my hands up and quit. But this one I've struggled and struggled to make go.
    Because I think it has something.
    I know yours does.
    Keep going, girl!

  2. Well now I'm completely curious - what are you scared of with these WIP's...and how can we help?

  3. It's the research aspect of AT, Christi - from the perspective of the art and the investigation. The's just relationship growth. And don't you worry, you'll be seeing my issues soon enough! bwa-ha-ha-ha!

    Thanks for the encouragement, D'Ann...I'm glad your sticking with your 'mess' because it's actually a great read!

  4. Good post, and you'll do fine--you recognize what you have to do. You won't be saying, "...I wish I had..."

  5. good post kristi! i've actually bungee jumped.....=) and it's really darn scary. Jump into your book, it's a lot easier! lol...