Thursday, March 11

The Voices In My Head

In December I got pulled over and ticketed for talking on the phone while driving. Who knew that would improve my writing?

Since then, I've stopped talking on my phone for the most part. I did break down and buy a headphone set, which I hate. I think it's more dangerous driving with those and talking, then just talking. They pop out of my ears and then my attention is diverted as I fish around trying to find them. So, for the most part I've become a quiet driver.

And since I'm not having conversations with my sister (the usual suspect on the other end of the line) my characters are having conversations in my head. Monday, I learned more about Bix's Mom's previous relationship with Omar the Terrorist/Florist. And later Bix and Tack had a conversation in which Tack calls him Simon. Mmmmm.

Seems like $125 well spent. I'm a safer driver--at least as far as the law is concerned--they don't know about the conversations in my head and how distracting they might become. And my novel is coming together. If writer's block hits, unplug your phone, turn the radio down, take a drive, and listen.


  1. Great advice, Margie! I'm a horrible driver whether I talk or I just talk. hehe. Hey, at least I'm not texting, right?

  2. Great post, Margie, and good thinking, too.

  3. Oh, boy!
    Cell phones are one of my biggest pet peeves in the entire world!
    I'm like one of the only ppl on the planet without one. It bugs the crapola out of me to see ppl driving and talking...grrrr....
    Putting my life in danger to talk about what's for dinner....
    Glad to hear Bix is talking to you, that's good news.

  4. oh that is so true...i do all my best thinking while driving...i usually listen to quiet music and bam! i'll get an idea.....sometimes i listen to the RWA conferences and even if I'm not getting ideas, I'm still learning!