Tuesday, April 6

Another Day, Another Cowboy

I'm at a crossroads.

I decided after much soul searching--okay not that much--but seriously, a lot of thought, to put down the manuscript that is giving me such fits. I'm not quitting it. Oh, no. Not after all the sweat, blood and tears I've put into it. But I figure a few days or weeks or months on the back burner won't kill me.

But that leaves me the question--what do I work on?

Let's see. There's The Cowboy's Baby. Nah.

An editor at Wild Rose Press expressed some interest in A Cowboy to Keep. Almost an entire new book if I pick up that one. Nah. Don't want to rewrite it right now.

My latest one, A Cowboy Christmas?

Hmmm. Maybe. The CPs liked that one.

However, I think it's the looooonnnggg winter we've had here, but I don't feel like working on a winter story right now.

Rescued? Another winter story. No cowboy in it.

Larkspur could work. A cowboy hero with a dead wife and a mystery to solve....But I failed to do my research before I started (I hate research!) and I've hit a wall in chapter two.

Something new.

That's the ticket.

Do I have time to write a new manuscript before the deadline for the Molly? Maybe not.

I think I'll lay all my undone manuscripts in a pile on the table and draw one out. That'll be the lucky winner!

Although this picture gives me an idea.... The Molly deadline's what? Five weeks away?



  1. Yay!! A new story, a new story!! Can you tell from Way out West that I'm Way Up North bouncing in my chair?? :) I like all your stories, but Rescued and Larkspur are my faves of your new stuff...at least so far. Hehehehehehehe.

  2. My advice is twofold (because when have you ever known me to have a short opinion?): 1. do a new story. You have too many old ones floating around - if they excited you enough, you'd be working on them. Time to air everything out, sit down and plot a brand new doozy. 2. Oh my gosh, DON'T plan your writing around a contest. First of all, you've told us how many times you're dissatisfied w/the contest experience? and secondly, you are writing with the goal of getting published, not finaling in a contest. Throw contest worries out the window and reconnect with your passion of crafting a story just because it begs to be told.

  3. I am ashamed to say how long it took me to write WYOMING DREAMER. I put it on the back burner more than a couple of times. I think sometimes you just need some space.I know pro writers write, but everyone needs a break. Let yourself relax totally. Don't concentrate on it. Do nada. Sooner or later, one of them will nag ya and you'll know that's the one to work on.

  4. I can relate to your dilemma and can't really advise you, since everyone's different :)

    However, I've come a long way since I started some of my mss (at least I hope I have) and rather than getting bogged down in fixing stuff as I have in the past, I decided to start fresh. I'm now working on an idea I've always loved which never really got out of the gate before.

    My energy is renewed. This was the right decision!

  5. I'm all for something new, too. I worry when I have too much unfinished stuff lying around, but that's me. There's nothing like a blank page with Chapter One a third of the way down to get a writer's juices flowing!

  6. You and I face the same fear, D'Ann - how to start something new? Will it be as good as my other stuff? I'm *sure* yours will be, and I agree with Christi - don't try to write around a contest. My writing teacher just gave me the same advice - she said write what you're passionate about (which is where my next article's coming from) and don't even think about the "market". For eg. I just saw a time travel on the shelves, in spite of everyone hearing time travels are "dead". You're a prolific writer, D'Ann, and I'm sure you'll come up with something grand! (and we don't hate BURNED btw, maybe just give it a rest for a couple of months)

  7. You seem ready to start something new, and others agree, so go for it! BTW, love the pic of your dad with his border collie. I have a bc in my latest wip. We had one once, and she was such a good dog.

  8. I agree, it's time to fall in love with something new. You know, for a while there I was struggling with the Journal Keeper and wavering with Cameron and Capt'n Jack, but then Bixby happened and I haven't looked back. So, go forth and find your soul voice.

  9. ah D'Ann....new book, old book, half finished book, you know I love your writing! you take YOUR pick!

    beautiful photo btw...=)