Thursday, April 1

My Wish List

I wish I could write literary and lyrical.

I wish I could set the scene so well, you'd be sniffing the air for the scent of honeysuckle or grilled steaks--because that's what I wrote.

I wish I understood fashion and makeup, and then how to describe it.

I wish images flowed from my pen like dialogue does.

I can wish all I want or I can act.I can work at recognizing when I need to insert a clothing description or what trees line a street or what smells drift in the air. I can study the masters of these arts and learn their tricks. I can heed the advice of my CP's when they tell me to add a bulging blue backpack in place of a simple backpack or that the room is the color of eggs--thank you, Christi.

I can learn. Because the alternative is lower scores in contests, close-but-no-cigar queries, and flat out rejection.

And my biggest writing wish? To see my name in print and my book on a shelf. So, to that end, I will strive.

If you have any tricks in creating the scene, I'd love to hear them. Help me learn.


  1. I think all those wishes will come true, just because you're so good at what you do.

  2. You'll get there Margie, I have no doubts! Keep hammering away at it...

    I post the senses on my computer, so I don't forget wouldn't think you would, but I can write chapters without using a scent once, or having anyone hear a noise. I post 'em on my monitor, so they stare me in the face.

    of course, sometimes the sticky notes peel off and one of the cats will be wearing a pink one that says TASTE on it......=)

  3. My advice is to write a chapter like you always do - bang out the dialogue and don't worry about the rest of it. Then when you're finished, go back. Close your eyes. Put yourself where the scene takes place, and force yourself to write down 5 identifying characteristics about the place. I'm in my office right now, and I see a bushy green plant, a roll in the carpet all of us trip over constantly, a big pen holder even though I have my single favorite pen I use every day...etc. Then you can go back and incorporate them into the story without breaking your flow.

  4. Your wish to be pubbed is coming, no doubt in my mind.