Wednesday, April 21

There Once Was A Girl Named Kristi...

There Once Was A Girl Named Kristi
     --A Rather Bad Poem, With A Purpose

There once was a girl named Kristi
And she was rather...listy.

She made lists of plots
And of character's spots,

She made lists of scenes
And even of dreams.

She made lists, so many
She couldn't keep them straight - not any!

And so more lists were made
And more plans were laid...

The plots had layers
The dragons had slayers.

Still the words weren't quite right,
everything turned out trite.

One day our friend Kristi
Lost of her friends, the listies.

She looked high then low
Opened up boxes, but no go.

The listies they were missing
But her characters, they were kissing!

Oh, my, said she
They're still with me!

The words began to flow
Like arrows from a bow.

Yes, there once was a girl named Kristi
But she's no longer listy.
Now she gets the gist-y...
By letting her characters live(sty).          (pardon that last bad rhyme)...


  1. lol....great job Kristi! kudo's to you for getting the whole thing to rhyme!

  2. well, I stretched a bit in a couple places...but I had fun writing it! :)

  3. Cheers for the fun post
    Pure awsomeness to the most
    Raise your glasses in toast
    Let's hear it from coast to coast
    Kristi's definitely earned her boast

    Okay, I think I'm done :)

    Really fun post, Kristi

  4. That is hilarious! And exactly why I don't, make lists. Of course writing without lists has its own set of problems, too.

    Great job!

  5. Fun post, Kristi! Here's my attempt to rhyme:

    No lists for me,
    I'm writing plot-free.
    I'd plot if I could,
    and I know I should,
    But an outline eludes me,
    and planning excludes me.
    I'm a bonafide panster
    with no other answer
    than to write on a whim
    and depend on him--
    that muse who comes and goes
    and tells me what he knows.
    But unfortunately this time,
    he's just giving me this dumb rhyme!

  6. Thanks for stopping by (and not outing me as a really, really bad poet!) Sharon, Terri and Margie! :) I had fun being silly with the rhymes last night.

    Margie and Terri, I lurrve your rhymes...made me giggle this afternoon. :)

    I should clarify, I can't fully be a pantster. I write myself into a corner every time. But my listies are much less detailed now than they once were...and that works for me. Guess that makes me a pant-lotter.

  7. No - don't cross to the dark pantaloon side and leave me all alone here in plot land!

  8. I came late to the post
    Where Kristi was host
    And it was a good thing
    'Cause my prose doesn't ring
    When I try to rhyme the
    Damn thing.

    What a hoot, Kristi.

  9. Christi, you're not alone on Plot Island. It's just that every now and again I need a vacation to Pant Island's beaches.

    Liz, ROFL... :)

  10. Had a nice little giggle. Good post Kristi!

  11. BTW, I think Terri deserves a prize or something--hers was almost...well...poetic!