Thursday, April 15

We interrupt this book to bring you....

A while back someone posted about getting stuck on chapter 4. Well, for me, it seems to be getting stuck on transitional chapters. I'm at one of those right now. I've started, restarted, and started yet again, like five times. And I haven't gotten it right yet.

I could blame it on the pantser in me, but then I'd have to sit down and outline and that ain't going to happen. I could blame it on the spring weather and how I can't focus when there's flowers to be culled and weeds to be killed. But, then I'd have to go outside and work in the yard. I could blame it on tax crunch, but then I'd have to admit that I mailed my taxes in with a $30,000 discrepancy (Yes, I really, really did. Bad calculator!).

Books should come with intermissions. So, when you get stuck you could just say "We're going to take an intermission right now." And then start the next chapter anywhere you wanted. The reader might think they took too long of intermission and missed something, but at least the writer wouldn't be at fault.

I think I'm onto something. "We now join this book in progress. When last we left, Frank the Fed had told Bix to ride his new bike. We pick up two days later in the school yard. Oh, and Bix's mom is now working at the school. We now return you to..."

Okay, so back to the chapter eleven drawing board...


  1. you know..i think if you provided a bag of microwave popcorn and those little airplane bottles of booze with your book, you could get away with that. =)

    ps, thanks for the new plotline! lol

  2. Funny! And a good idea. I especially like Carrie's booze idea.

  3. Oooh, airplane booze....makes me wanna endure the 5-hour flight to Vegas. Again.

  4. Funny post, Margie!
    I would like to do that! We return....Garth has killed another red-haired woman....