Friday, April 30

Welcome guest blogger Allie Boniface!

This started as a Facebook note sometime last year, but I thought it worked just as well as a blog post. Yes, I'm a writer. Yes, I'm celebrating the release of my audio book One Night in Memphis (woo hoo! Very exciting to hear someone else read the words I wrote!) Want to know more about that? Visit my website at

But now, for some insight and little-known facts about the person behind the author, I present to you...

15 Random Facts about Allie Boniface - English Teacher by Day, Romance Writer by Night...

1. The house hubby and I currently live i backs up to a federal prison. We have 7+ acres of woods, and they have 100s of acres of property in between us and the actual prison facility, but's there. Claim to fame? The character that Johnny Depp played in the movie "Blow" is an inmate there.

2. I married into a family of staunch Republicans and have really enjoyed the past 8 years of debating politics with them at almost every family event. LOL

3. I love my job, which is teaching both College English and Introduction to Education to high-achieving high school seniors. If someone had told me 20 years ago to design the perfect job for myself, this would have been it (even if I didn't know it then).

4. I once spent 2 days hiking the Alps in the pouring rain with my sister - and we didn't kill each other.

5. I hate taking any kind of medication and have been lucky enough not to have been prescribed any in about 15 years.

6. Although the majority of my wardrobe is black, my favorite color is red.

7. Waiting tables during graduate school taught me more about human nature and having patience for people than anything else I ever did (and also thickened my skin for those less than glowing reviews from readers and critics...)

8. Thanks to 4 years of living in Cleveland, OH, I love professional baseball (thought I don't like either of the New York teams - for obvious reasons).

9. I started playing the piano when I was 8 and still do. In fact, when we bought our new house, a baby grand was the first new thing I bought, because I was finally living someplace big enough. I have pictures of it sitting in the living room in the middle of unpacked boxes and scaffolding and paint cans and drop cloths.

10. I ran the D.C. Marine Corps Marathon in 1999. Never again.

11. I believe whole-heartedly in the power of a great hot stone massage.

12. My husband and I have 2 cats, one of whom is almost 14 and cost us 2 mortgage payments in medical bills during the summer of 2007. He almost died, spent 3 days in an oxygen tent, and now has his own cardiologist. Though he gets pills twice a day, he's back to his normal self and has outlived his original prognosis by almost 3 years. Even the doctors are baffled at his recovery.

13. My #1 vice is chocolate, preferably dark, though I'll usually take any kind I can get my hands on.

14. I'm quite proud of the fact that I have convinced several of my female students that although they may like Twilight because it reminds them of their own lives, Bella is not a good role model, and Edward is not the kind of guy they should be hoping to marry someday (c'mon...creepy stalker dude who's good-looking but really kind of cruel to half the people in the school? My girls have enough self-esteem issues as it is).

15. I think "Slumdog Millionaire" is the best movie that's been made in years - and if you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out.

OK, now for the shameless plug. I'm thrilled that my contemporary romance novel One Night in Memphis is now available in audio book format. This story was a 2009 EPPIE finalist and received a 4-star review from Romantic Times. It's fast-paced, takes place over a single day and night in a terrific Southern city, and features some really likeable characters (if I do say so myself), as well as a bad guy you'll love to hate. Visit my webpage at to find out more ( and thanks to my blog host for having me here today!
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  1. I'd love to win this book. Is this where the contest is going on?

  2. There ya go. Dark chocolate. It makes the world go 'round. lol....nice post Allie! Sounds like a great book too..


  3. Great post, Allie, and I love that cover, too. Good luck with the audio-book. Those get me to work and back!

  4. Hi everyone! Yes, Christine, for every comment you leave on a post during my blog tour, you'll be entered to win the book!