Wednesday, May 12

...And Then The Game Was Over.

First, let me say that I love video games. I am a child of the 80s and I'm proud of it. Started out with Pac-Man and Atari, graduated to Nintendo and then the PlayStation III. Current addiction: Nintendo Wii ... the Wii Fit or Rock Band games are my absolute faves.

A little while ago, I was babysitting a friend's 8 years old. Savanna. Totally hilarious kid, had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Anyway. She had no homework so we settled down in the game room and brought out the PlayStation. The only 2-player non-sports games were a couple of cartoon racing games. Simpson's Road Rage and and oldie but a good, Crash Team Racing. Savanna didn't have either one, so she played for a bit by herself while I finished up some work (and did a phone interview for an article I'm writing). Then, the head to head games began. I don't get beaten very often and I will say at first I wasn't trying really hard. I mean, she's 8. What fun is killing at 8 year old at video games (all you hard-core gamers don't need to answer). But then I realized, she's good. So I started playing harder. Two hours later, thumbs permanently bent at that weird video game angle...she's beaten me 7 out of 9 head to head match ups. I am crushed.

But I'm feeling good.

No kidding. In general, I'm feeling much more positive than I was just a few hours ago. I'm jazzed to get back to work on the books -- both of them!

My theory? Just playing a game takes years off your life and your attitude. It's hard to stay sad about anything when you're laughing and playing. If you're tired, depressed or just need some away time from being a grown up, I highly suggest picking up a few games. Even if it leads to you getting beaten by an 8 year old.

What is your favorite distraction? And does it help you get back into the groove of grown-up life and writing when you indulge a little?


  1. I have all sorts of distractions! Love my wii too, Walk it out is my current obsession. Hooked on reading books, I have millions waiting to be read. Designing jewelry is another....totally relaxes me. I haven't made a piece of jewelry in 3 months, and I can tell!


  2. Now that spring is finally rearing its head in the NW, I say gardening. Whether its mowing the lawn--nobody pesters you when that thing is going or just sitting down and weeding my flower beds. Last year, my meloncholy summer, I hardly did any yard work, my yard suffered and I think, in the end, so did I.

    And Legos. Can't forget my legos. Reading is always good. Good writing can be inspiring

  3. Sewing...old movies...eating...eating...eating...

  4. what sometimes helps me get out of a funk is gardening. Flowers, not veggies.
    But it has been so cold this spring there has been no gardening.

  5. Not a distraction, per se, but I find that going to the gym helps tremendously. Let me be clear: I LOATHE working out. But, walking on the treadmill opens my mind for some reason and I get a boatload of plotting done every single time.