Monday, May 24

The Curtain Rises.....

I read an interesting blog on Writer Unboxed last week talking about the book of your heart. For me, it was the second book I wrote. The words churned out easily and quickly, the plot was effortless - all because the idea came out of my own life, and my years in the theatre. It takes place in a city I lived in and loved (Minneapolis), revolves around a show I've performed numerous times (Guys & Dolls), and is just plain fun. For me, writing it was cathartic. A way to positively close the door on my life as a singer and move forward as a writer.

But then I was told (repeatedly, as loyal readers of this blog will remember), that it was not commercially marketable. Stories about movie stars won't sell in this economy. Period. That didn't sit well with me, since 1) the movie star lifestyle is but a blip in the story and 2) I think I wrote a damn good book that is extremely fun and funny and romantic. So I perservered. Sheer determination kept me knocking on every door imaginable. And I'm happy to share with you that it worked. My publisher, Eternal Press, just sent me a contract for this cherished book of my heart. The curtain will rise on Act Like We're in Love on Octber 7 (oh yes, the theatrical tie ins will be blatant and numerous in marketing this one!).

So I don't really have any wisdom or writing advice to impart today. Instead, I'm just thanking all of you for sticking with me through the mildly depressed and questioning blog topics. Now, if anyone can help me with an idea for cover art that has something to do with a stage, I'd be extremely grateful......


  1. That's awesome, Christi. I loved that book and now I'll get to see how it ends. Preserverance pays off.
    Congratulations, you totally deserve it.

  2. congrats on the sale, Christi!!! Very excited for you - and very happy you 'stuck with it'!!

  3. congratulations christi! time for champagne and chocolate!


  4. Christi!
    That's fantastic!
    I'm so proud of you for hanging tuff!
    You give me some much-needed hope.

  5. This is great news, Christi! Congrats!

  6. I'm so happy for you. It goes to say that keep doing and working on what you love, not what others think.
    I'll look for your book!

  7. Hooray for you! What good news to come home to. I'm so happy for you.