Friday, May 14

Hey Mom, Look at me!!!

I know, all writers look forward to the day they can write an email that says “THE CALL” in the subject line.

Me too.

And while this post may not be titled the call it’s ….close.

Next week Tuesday, I have my first official interview at Romance University, interviewing the three fantastic women who started the blog and are celebrating their first anniversary.


It’s not THE CALL, it’s not ‘I found my agent’, but it’s IMPORTANT. So important I emailed my mother. =)

Hi mom!

Did I grill ‘em? Put them in the hot seat and make ‘em squirm? Dig deeper than Barbara Walters for their darkest secrets?

Not so much.

But, I did ask questions I thought all of us would want to ask, and know the answers to. How did you meet? Why RU? What’s coming up next year? I felt like Diane Sawyer, but you know, without the brain power. =)

I hope that’s what makes a good interview. I hope I rmembr to spel corrrektly. And, use my! punctuation; wisely.

So, if you have time on Tuesday, May 18th, please stop by and say congrats to three ladies who deserve it on their first anniversary. They’ve come a very long way in one year, and wait until 2011!

I’ll be there.

Shaking in my boots.

And yes, I’ll email the article to my mom, so she can print it out for her files.

Love ya, mom.




  1. I love RU - fantastic stuff every week. You can bet I'll be there!

  2. I bet! you were perfect, imprefek spelling;and puncuashun and all.

    Can't wait to read all about what's coming up in the next year at RU!

  3. thanks guys..i've already chewed off all of my fingernail


  4. Ladies, don't let Carrie kid you. She's a Barbara Walters in the making. She made my brain hurt. :)

  5. I know Carrie...she's waiting for the comment section to do the real grilling! :)


  6. could you possibly think that of sweet little ol me....

    tracey, at least I didn't make you cry like Barbara Walters always does in an interview!


  7. Hmm...Barbara Walters? Diane Sawyer? Who cares about the questions! More importantly, will you get hair and makeup, a wardrobe, and goodies in the "green room"?

    I wouldn't miss it, Lady Spencer.

  8. Milk and oreos in the green room!!! nothing but high class here!