Thursday, May 13

The Left Turn

Yesterday my story took a left turn. Didn't see it coming but I love where the curves are taking me.

While I'm an admitted pantser I usually have the end in sight with my book and basically how I'll get there. And I had that in this one but as I've been writing it, I don't see it that clearly anymore. Like I wrote in my blog last week, I'm about a quarter to a third through the book and only on Bix's third day. The end I envisioned is months down Bix's road and frankly I don't see it coming any quicker. Too much has to be done to set up that ending.

Yesterday it occured to me that I don't have to go there, I can follow Bix where he needs to go, not where I need him to go. Wow. What a revelation. Let me tell you, the pressure just dropped. Now I get to discover what happens when Bix plays his first game of paintball, his first dance, and condom shopping with lesbian pixie, Darby.

And that old ending? Well, I imagine it will be the ending of book 2, because I'm pretty sure Bix has more than one story to tell and hopefully, readers will want to read them.

My advice, let your characters throw you a curve and go along for the ride. It might be just what you need to rejuvenate.


  1. Love those curve-balls! Can't wait to dig into more Bix! :)

  2. This is why I'm a certified Pantster! I love seeing where my characters go! Cannot wait to see Bix do the things you mentioned!

  3. yeah!!!!!!!! bix book 2! bring it on, can't wait!!

  4. Sometimes you're just the typist!