Friday, May 28

Pedal to the Metal

Everyone gets a day off. It may not be totally “off” as in you still have to feed the cats, and someone has to scrub the toilet bowl, but there are still days off.

Limited days off, unfortunately.

And in my case, I have the next eight or nine Mondays off from work, giving me a two-day weekend. One day to catch up on sleep and housework (okay, I’m really just kidding about catching up on housework – you guys know me better than that!) and one to catch up on web work and writing.

So, I’ve got the pedal to the metal. Nose to the grindstone. Back against the wall.

I’m working on my HQ submission as fast as possible…alternating between writing new chapters and revising the first three I need to send in. My critters have already had a go at Chapter One, which is currently in deep revisions and should be popping out fresh and clean this weekend, while the sex scene in Chapter Seven is, well, smoking hot if I do say so myself.

As soon as that’s done, I’ll be working on my extreme sports ms. Except it’s not so extreme sports oriented anymore, and has turned more into a romcom. My personal favorite. And I have a request for a submission for it. soon as I write it. Eek.

On top of that, I’m debating on reworking my Arizona Sizzle story from first person to third, but I’m waffling over that decision. It’s just not as funny in third, but it might sell better. Augh. Either way, I am determined to get the first three chapters of that done and revised as well.

Three books, three chapters, finished and revised.

In eight weeks.

 Of Mondays off.

I wonder if I can teach the cats how to clean the shower?



  1. Go, Carrie, go!
    You can do it!
    Be careful not to do what I did, and hit burnout.

  2. Looks like a fun challenge. And isn't there some way you could spray the shower walls with liquid catnip....

  3. D'ann..I'm sure I'll hit maybe then i'll be happy to go back to work?'re a genius!!!!


  4. Cats are so prissy they should be the perfect shower-cleaners!!! :)

    Good luck with your plan, Carrie... I just entered into a book-writing challenge - 1 book, 3 months, edited and ready to submit. Gasp!!!