Thursday, May 27

Pixies, Pepperoni, and Promises

Upon the release of her book, "The Girl Who Chased the Moon", Sarah Addison Allen hosted a contest on her facebook fan page. Each day for five days, she gave away something that was a significant in her book. One day she gave away a moon jar. One day it was a moon inspired candle. You get the picture. What a great idea, right?

So, it got me thinking, "What would I give away for Bix's release?" Okay, so I can't afford to give a way a paintball gun--well, unless I get some unbelievable advance. So, here's what I've come up with so far.

1) Two reloadable magazine water pistols. They are the "Jack Bauer" of water guns. You can
carry your water clips with you and reload up on the fly. Plus, some water bomb grenades.

2) Darby's favorite lunch:
A sealed package of Butcher Boys Pepperoni--OMG, great pepperoni.
A case of York Peppermint Patties and
A case of Dr. Pepper.

3) A Starbucks gift basket.

I don't have the other two days figured out, but I know as I finish the book I'll come up with something. But, you know what this has done for me? It's given me the promise of publication. It's a positive enforcement thing. If I envision it, I can achieve it. Maybe I should start thinking about giving away a paintball gun, ergo I'll envision my six figure payday.

So, think about your current WIP, what would you give away in your own five day contest?


  1. I loved your ideas. It got me to thinking about a POD book I have that I want to start promoting. But, I realize, there is not a characteristic that I can use for a promotion. This is because I haven't fleshed out my characters enough. I need to go back and do that. My main character has no favorite food, activity, movie, anything, listed. I need to develop my characters more. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I suggest that eveyrone try to think of 5 things they would use to promote. If you can't, then the work probably needs more work, more development. My characters dont' go anywhere that would lead to promotion, like Starbucks or anything.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Evelyn. I never even thought of it as a character developing exercise, but you're so right.

    Appreciate the comment.

  3. Good post, Margie.
    A few years ago, I gave my in-town crit group shadow boxes for their WIPs. The one I remember the most is the one that had a rosary in it. The story was set in Sante Fe and a priest played a big part.

  4. My newest ms...

    oreos, coke, sequined converse tennies, pilots wings pin, a DVD copy of the first season of Beverly Hillbillies, and I'd better stop'm only half way done with the ms!

  5. Good ideas. Made me start thinking about what I should do for what I have coming up. May I borrow your imagination?

  6. I love this idea, Margie! Hmmmm...giveaways from Bix. Will have to think about that...along with thinking about ideas for my own give-aways, should the wip sell. There I go, stealing your idea... :)