Thursday, May 6

Random thoughts

My local B&N has a kiosk set up just inside the door where they are demoing the Nook. I watch the booksellers push the nook and it's special features. You can read at night. You can instantly download books, magazines, newspapers... And I wonder if they realize they are selling their replacement? After all, if all books go electronic as many doomsayers are predicting, there won't be a need for bookstores anymore, much less the bookseller. And that makes me sad. I will miss being able to browse books, hang out in the cafe, and write. Where will I write my electronic book if I lose my beloved B&N?

Best books recently read:
The Girl Who Chase The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen, my favorite author
The Girl She Used To Be by David Cristofano. You had me at Witsec.
How to Knit a Love Song by Racheal Herron. A new author I'll definitely be waiting for.

Last week I posted my blog and received 0 comments. Nada. Zilch. Zip. It was very disheartening. Number one, did anyone read it? Number two, did nobody like it?
I realized one of the reasons we enjoy blogging is that instant gratification we get with the comments. Good or bad comments, at least we made someone think, feel, and react. I felt a little like Bix, "If you write a blog and nobody reads it, is it still a blog?"

Must see tv: Glee. I am a total Gleek and proud of it. Run, Joey, Run. Nuff said.

Bixby count: 19,200 words. And hope to hit 20 by the end of the day.

I'm a third of the way to my projected word count and only on Bixby's third day. I wonder if that's going to be a problem?


  1. Margie,
    I read you, and everyone else, every single day! Don't you know that?!!!
    I LOVE Bix. Can't wait to see him in print, and not on one of those stupid ereaders either. I'm old fashioned, and proud to admit I love books, not another computer device that strains my eyes more than they already are.
    And I'm a Gllek, too! My daughter just bought the first season on DVD and we watched it on a marathon run! Sue Sylvester is so over the top that she's hilarious!
    Go Glee!

  2. I'm with you, Margie. I do like my Kindle - like only, not love. But I like it for the portability. I can read on the treadmill at the gym, haul it around on trips...not extra weight, no baggage.

    But when I'm at home, I still want my friends the paper-filled books...and a comfy corner of the sofa and an ice-cold coke...maybe a cookie or two.

    I think I need a snack!

  3. D'Ann,
    We don't erase the episodes off our DVR so we can watch them again and again. And we have the dvd and all their cds. That show is just so much fun

  4. There was a big interivew on NPR last week about epublishing, and the guest said he is certain that bookstores won't disappear. He thinks the big chains will fade away and there will be a resurgence of small shops, that are more of a community center that will sell books, have group meetings, etc. We'll still have bookstores!!!!

  5. Devil's advocate here--I do love my Kindle, and the biggest reason (here we go with all about me) is that the closest bookstore is 35 miles away and I can't always get there. Wal-Mart is the only book-selling venue, and the selection's getting leaner and leaner. If I'm ordering from Amazon anyway--and I am--I like the green and almost-instant-ness of the Kindle.

    Oh, and I still love Bix. :-)

  6. I talked myself out of buying the sony e-reader today. just barely. i love my paperbacks, but i literally have stacks and stacks and stacks of them. and i think even if i did get an e-reader? i'd still buy all my favorites in hardback too. =)

  7. I definitely see the attraction of ereaders, especially if you don't have convenient bookstores around you or you have to travel--so when I'm on my book tour ;)
    Borders is coming out with their own version and its going to be like $149. I have no idea what the bells and whistles are, but that's undercutting the other models by quite a chunk.

    I like the idea of smaller book stores, kind of a reverse of You've Got Mail. In Portland, we have Powell's which is a little store that made it big. They sell new and used books and take up an entire block. Love going over there, but hate the parking and traffic.