Tuesday, June 15

Colorado Contest Results!

Two weeks ago, I had a Colorado Contest.
Other than WordWranglers, who were not eligible, I had two lovely participants:

Penny Radar and Roxanne Snopek!

Thank you, ladies, for playing!

Penny, you got every answer correct!
Roxanne, you missed # 9, which was Cat.

Here are the answers:

1. What was my colt's name?

2. What scores did I get in the Golden Heart?
7.5; 7.5; 7.9; 8.0; 8.9

3. Who do I credit for starting my writing career?
Margot Early

4. What color shirt do I have on in my bio page?

5. Name the southern state in which one of my mss is set.

6. Who is the man pictured in the post "Another Day, Another Cowboy"?

7. What kind of dogs do I have?
Australian Shepherds

8. Who are the WordWranglers?
Christi Barth, D'Ann Linscott-Dunham, Kristi Knight, Margie Senechel, Carrie Spenser

9. What is the name of the heroine in the Cowboy's Baby?

10. Which of my mss finaled in the Daphne last year?
Wild Horses

Thank you again for playing!
Please, both of you send me your snail mail addy. I will send Penny a goody bag, and Roxanne, and consolation prize from Colorado!
Send to horses5@frontier.net