Tuesday, June 1

A Colorado Contest!

This last week hasn't been a good one.

Like with my writing, my blog is blank.

I thought about talking about crit groups, love scenes, conflict....all things on my mind.

But I just don't have words for any of that right now.

I'm going to run a contest. I'm not a published author, and as much as I'd like to, I can't offer my latest autographed book, or even a bookmark.

But I can send out a small Colorado goody bag. Don't get to excited. I'm not talking a $150.00 bag like our last guest blogger, Marie-Claude Borque, is offering on her website. Go see her site for her sweet book launch party! You can find her addy on one of last week's posts.

Nah, mine is more like $25. Stuff from my beautiful state.

So, what do you have to do?

Simple. Here are the rules:

Answer ten questions. Kind of like a scavenger hunt, you have to find all of the answers.

At the risk of being vain, the questions will all be about me, me, me!

If more than one person finals, I'll have a tie-breaker question.

WordWranglers are not eligible. (although, please, please, please comment)!

The answers are here, on my former blog posts, but I won't go back too far! And on my Website http://www.d-linscott-dunham.com/

Leave me a comment here, and then email me your answers to horses5@frotier.net with WordWranglers in the subject line!

I'll announce the winner two weeks from now, right here.




1. From last week's post, what was my colt's name?

2. What scores did I get in the Golden Heart?

3. Who do I credit for starting my writing career?

4. What color shirt do I have on on my bio page?

5. Name the southern state in which one of my mss is set.

6. Who is the man pictured in the blog post "Another Day, Another Cowboy"?

7. What kind of dogs do I have?

8. Who are the WordWranglers? Name us.....

9. What is the name of the heroine in A Cowboy's Baby?

10. Which one of my manuscripts finaled in the Daphne last year?

Good luck!

See you next week!


  1. Hmmm - since I'm not eligible to win, should I just drop random CO trivia? Like the fact that the cafeteria at CU is named after a famous cannibal.....(and the hamburgers are delicious there).

  2. Great post, D'Ann! I know all those answers - but I'm mean and won't post...so everyone who is eligible still has to go look for 'em! ha!!

  3. Christi, gross!
    Yes, you have to look!

  4. oh shoot...i only had one answer left to find! ineligible. sob.....


  5. Hi D'Ann,
    Thanks for mentionning my contest. How nice of you! Cool giveaway today :)

  6. Oh, Carrie.
    porr kid. I'm sorry!
    Hi, Emerson!
    And, M-C, nice to have you back again, if only for a minute!

  7. Hey D'ann cool contest. what a great idea!

  8. Only if someone plays, Shawn!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Penny,
    I took you down so if anyone else plays, they have to look for themselves!

  11. Did I goof and post it to the wrong place? :D

  12. No, Penny.
    I goofed. You're fine!
    Thanks for playing!