Thursday, June 17

Giving Thanks

Sometimes I plan the acknowledgments I'll put in my book when its published. I wonder if it'll be really long--in case I never get published again and I only have this one chance to thank "the little people"--or will I have short, confident one because there's no doubt I'll get another chance at this?

Well, first I'd have to thank my parents, who although they never understood my desire to write, they always supported it. And my sisters, especially Wendy, who's read just about everything I've asked her to and when I didn't have a critique group would listen to me read it aloud over the phone.

My husband and my daughters, who always believed it was a matter of when, not if.

My friend, Sheri, who got published way before me even though she only started writing because if I could do it, so could she. No, she's not that competitive, she's that confident, a trait I truly admire.

My critique groups, present and past. There was a time that going to a critique group was the only way I was disciplined.

My fellow World Wranglers because they believed in Bix before I fully did. And Jennifer Brown, who's critique I won in Cynthea Liu's auction and who didn't so much critique me as inspire me to finish Bix.

And of course, my agent, to be named later. Ditto my editor.

And lastly, my readers, for without them, I wouldn't be here.

Why do I play this little game? Because sometimes the opportunity to thank those who supported me makes me more determined to finish my book.

So, tell me, who would you thank?


  1. Along with every now and then rearranging books at the local bookstore, this is something I do. I think of it as positive preparation!

    I would thank my CPs, past and present...all of them have taught me way more than I would've learned on my own.

    My husband and family who always support my dream of being a romance author - even though the non-fiction pays better (at this point!).

    And my great-aunt Cleon ... who gave me my first story/poetry notebook. My grandmother, Gladys, who told me to write that first story down. And my high school English teacher, who read my horrid attempts and creative writing and saw something in those over-written paragraphs to encourage! :)

  2. Oh, boy. You're making me tear up.
    Ok, I'll bite.
    My sister Sherry, who hooked me on romance in Quincy, CA library.

    My mom, who used to read my drivel.

    Dad, who hold the faith, quietly.

    The romance writers who wrote the old fashioned novels with heroines named Ariel and Stephanie and were always governesses for heros who lived in Greece and Spain.

    Margot Early, who started this long road.

    Brandi, who has never once wavered in her belief in me. I love you, baby.

    Kim, my first and most loyal CP, who has never quit on me. Not even once.

    Kristi, who I have leaned on more than any other.

    Gwen, for staying true.

    The CRIT_ME gals, not just the WWs, but the whole group. Ever single one of you.

    CPs of the past, who I may have left, but taught me so much. That includes the Tuesday night group. Yeah, even you, John.

    Brenda Mott, who got me my first, and hopefully not last, agent. And who believed in me before I did.

    Michelle Grajkowski for being my first agent ... for awhile.

    Friends who don't write, but still keep the faith.

    This is harder than I thought.

    I hope I didn't forget anyone.

  3. not only, but first and foremost. She means the world to me.


    As for the entire list, by the time I've actually finished a book and gotten to the point of writing a thank you (many years from now I'm thinking!!!) my list will have changed...more people added in for sure!!! and yes, I'm so thankful for CP's, teachers, family, friends, wait..maybe not the cats. =)

    But my mom? She'll get the dedication page on my first book.

  4. Oh, Carrie!
    You can't leave out the cats! I did, though. Ok, Cataleena, Tangie, Cheetoh, Natalia, Lianess, PK, Frosty and CB, I thank you, too. For sitting in my lap, on my head, even my feet and giving me your love.
    next, the dogs.....
    then the horses....
    and the ducks....

  5. When I say the word wranglers, I do mean the crit me gals, all of them. Because to me, the blog and the group are synonymous--my word for the day ;)

  6. I owuld thank my aunt first for encouraging me by showing me the way and reading my first garbage writings. Then my niece laura who is always willing to read. My other two nieces for their inspiration about the kids I needed for the last story. And best of all the critque groups and partners. All of these people along with the instructors giving of their time to help. I'd probably read on thank yous like the Oscars where they thank their doggies and everyone lol.

  7. Your lists are so good. It tells me something about writers. Even though we're solitary and our thinking is (to the outside world anyway) a little skewed, the priorities are in the right place.

    What a great post, Margie!

  8. My husband - always and forever his will be the dedication. As a matter of fact, I was so focused on that with my first book, my editor had to gently remind me that I additionally needed an acknowledgements page to thank people. I'll try to do better this time around!

  9. Everyone at crit-me group and the hubby. He's the one who's actually taken me by the hand put me in front of my desk and said, "Stop talking about it and do it."

  10. I'd have to thank Beverly Cleary who wrote "The Luckiest Girl" which was my first and favorite book on boy-meets-girl as well as Grace Metalious, who wrote Peyton Place. The opening paragraph of the book is so beautifully written that I knew I wanted to be a writer someday. I guess I'd have to thank my husband too...who's endured a steady stream of takeout burritos, Thai, Chinese, and pizza because I'm too busy to cook when the words are flowing!

  11. Oh, yes, The Luckiest Girl? Was that Victoria Larrimore? I thought that was Betty Cavanna!

  12. Great list.

    I have to thank my family and friends who have supported me from day one. My first CP who showed me all the things I did wrong and all my other CP's. My RWA chapter mates who have been super supportive. The contest judges over the years who gave me high enough scores to inspire me to keep with it. My editors who I grumble at and then realize they are right.
    And the people who buy my books and tell me they were entertained. Without them I wouldn't have an audience.

    And all the supportive writers I've met over the years. I thank you one and all.

  13. I'm a little late chiming in here but your lists are all wonderful. Now that I have two minutes to rub together I'd like to add mine.

    First and foremost, I would thank my mother. She took my sisters and I to the library faithfully every Saturday for years so we could lose ourselves in books. Since I began writing, the one thing she asks me every time she sees me is, "Where are you in your book?"

    My husband for encouraging me to write instead of talking about it, and his unwavering support over the years while I pursued my dreams.

    My children who grew up keeping the blood feuds down to a minimum and the TV down low so Mom could write in the livingroom. Their patient waiting "just one more minute" before they were fed or taken to a ball game allowed me to write my first four books, two of them long-hand.

    All of my critique partners over the years. Too many to count, some of them probably know several of my books verbatim. At least one does! I'll have to write a lot of books to thank each of them...which is fine by me.

    RWA and my friends at my chapters for their encouragement, learning opportunities, support, sympathy, kicks-in-the-fanny, and faith in me and my writing ability.

    And, last but not least, I'd thank Dame Barbara Cartland for my introduction to the world of romance at the ripe old age of 12 when I found her after reading through the children's library. She opened up a world where romance counted and love could change the world for the better two people at a time.