Friday, June 18

The Silver Lining

This past two weeks have been crap. =) There, I'll just be blunt about it. And right at the moment I'm typing in the middle of a lightening storm, complete with huge booms of thunder that scare me and the cats. Well, okay, just me then. The cats only get scared when I scream. lol...

So much has happened and none of it good, that I am trying to look for the silver lining, before I go stark raving mad. Here is what I came up with.

One of my staff texted me to tell me she needed some time off to "think about where she was going in life". Silver lining - she doesn't have to worry about that pesky old job anymore. Whew. That must be a load off of her mind. Glad I could help.

Got my TOM this morning approximately 4am....two days early. Silver lining - at least I'm not pregnant or going through menopause.

I've been so busy on web design work, I haven't had a chance to write in almost two weeks. Silver lining - the money I make from design work will help pay for RWA tickets next year.

The lady who slapped her almost-empty lemonade glass into my stomach so hard it spilled the remaining contents on my shirt and jeans and snarled she needed a refill? Silver lining - she wasn't my customer. =)

Massive thunderstorms rolling throughout the area causing major power outages and lack of internet? Silver Lining - I've learned how to type better on my blackberry.

Hours worth of phone calls from the ER this past week? Silver lining - new grandson will be born on Monday. =)

So those are a few of the items I've turned into silver linings. Mostly. you try it.



  1. Ok, Carrie.

    My job sucks.
    Silver lining--I'll get back to you on that one.

    My back is killing me, my chest pains moved to my back and it is killing me to sit.
    Silver lining--I'm going to try and get on Cinnamon today or tomorrow because I cannot sit very long at the computer.

    My husband's hours got cut.
    silver lining-- he'll be around here more to do stuff.

    That's all I got right now.

  2. Carrie, you always crack me up. Nice way to start the weekend.

    My car broke down in Portland. Silver lining: I got to spend more time with Phil and got some plants.

    My windshield wipers quit working and I live in the rainy PNW. Silver lining: the final catalyst to get my house refinanced so I can afford a new car.

    My vacation is over. Silver lining: I wrote about 8,000 words over the course of my vacation.

    I bought a plant at a nursery that was called a mole plant for four bucks. It looks like a little tree with baby green pumpkins hanging on it. Looked it up online to see what it was and found it that it's actually a very fertile and invasive weed. Apparently, those little pumpkins seeds can toss themselves like 50 feet. Everything about the plant is poisonous. If the sap gets on you, it could cause a rash. Silver lining: Got a funny "margie" story to tell.

  3. Carrie, too funny.. I'll play along.

    Got a thanks-but-no-thanks note from a prospective publishers this week. Silver lining: they like my voice and I now have an editor to sub-direct to.

    Tried and failed to kick my Pepsi habit. Silver lining: I get to taste loads of delicious soda...and get a nice caffeine kick.

    A freelance gig I loved shut down ths week. Silver lining: it showed me another way to go with my more editor/magazine scouring will now begin.

    A cleaning crew just scoured my house. Silver lining: hello! now *I* don't have to clean!

    There's more, but I'll stop there! :)

  4. Let's see...
    I was so exhausted, I didn't want to get up to go to work this morning.
    Silver lining:It's Friday, so I won't have a repeat performance tomorrow.

    I found out I absolutely hate the last chapter of my wip.
    Silver lining:The rewrite is so much better.

  5. Record rain for May and already June. Silver lining: Sun worship when it's here like today. Everything is so bright, green, and beautiful.

  6. My roommate from college called me as I pulled up in the driveway this afternoon to inform me that her mother had died fifteen minutes ago.
    Silver lining...Her mom had been ill for a long time and is finally at peace, and I'm grateful that our friendship has endured throughout the years.

    I spent $$$ on cheeses and stuff for appetizers at Trader Joe's today.
    Silver lining...I got out of making three giant lasagnas.

    I'll be staring at cheesy potatoes (again) and Brady Bunch salad (again) at tomorrow's party.
    Silver lining...I'll be able to share the laugh with you in tomorrow evening's round of emails.

  7. Oh, man...

    I had to work this morning (my day off). Silver lining: it was only four hours and I love time and a half.

    I hate my curly hair. Silver lining: it's still thick and I LOVE my flat iron.

    Oh, hell, I don't have a lot of bad stuff going on and I'm grateful. One of the things I'm grateful FOR is the crazy group of CPs I belong to, including Funny Carrie.