Wednesday, June 2

Things That Make Me Go, Hmmmmmmm....

Grape Nuts & Grape Nuts Flakes -- they don't taste like grapes or smell like grapes. Why not call them Hay & Little Rocks? Okay maybe that would be a tough sell for the advertising execs... still. You'd think the name should be something like the product.

Why is it that a conversation between my hero and heroine sounds so great last night...and this morning sounds so flat?

People on email lists that reply to every freaking message with "Yeah" "Okay" and "You Betcha", especially when they've already replied to a similar answer from the original post. Also, non-trimmers and non-subject-line-changers. Nothing more annoying that seeing RE: Digest 43253.

My dogs who sleep 18 hours of the day and never gain weight. What metabolisms!

Why is is that some authors seem to write so effortlessly?

People who go to walking trails... and then sit and watch.

My weights feel much heavier on the 15th rep than the first... but they still only say 2 pounds on the side.

Neighbors who go to the trouble of getting the swimming pool ready and then don't use it. Ever.

Cole Slaw. Enough said.

Why isn't a hidden camera show following me around? I must've destroyed five endcaps at the grocery yesterday.

E! Pretty much every show on E! lately is about Hugh Hefner's exes. That's not Entertainment Television.

How come my pillows go flat but my feather mattress stays fluffy?

And finally, the piece'd'resistance. Heard on the news about a local doctor taking part in the Doctor's Without Borders relief effort: "....after his tour of duty, the doctor will spend the next six months traveling with his wife, and abroad." Hmmmm... wonder if the wife knew before the story aired?

Hey! If you haven't checked out D'Ann's contest yet, there's still time! Just see the post below this one. :)


  1. "People who go to walking trails... and then sit and watch."

    Super creepy!

  2.'ll add one...`droopy baggy jeans showing plaid boxer shorts on men. give me nice fitting wranglers on a man any day!


  3. Holy crap, ppl! I sit on walking trails when I get out of breath, or my feet (bone spur) hurts!

    "pants on the ground, pants on the ground...!"


    And yes, come by my contest!

  4. I don't mind the walking-trail peeps who are taking a break...but there are several in our town who drive to the walking trail and then sit and watch. It's always struck me as waaaaaay odd!