Wednesday, June 23

Wedding Bells Are Ringing...

Nope, not for me. Those bells rang a while back. I'm talking about Prince Albert of Monaco. Yep, the formerly-assumed Bachelor Prince has found his princess in Charlene, a South African Olympic swimmer.

I have to say, I'm a little bit bummed about the whole thing. Yeah, I want the prince to be happy but, really, he couldn't wait for me?!? I had girlhood fantasies about being the next Grace Kelly...without the whole car-crash-death thing. He was uber-sexily-older (by about 18 years) and lived (gasp) on the favorite of the seas! Of course then I met my very own prince, er, husband. But, seriously, The Prince really would've made a great second husband for me...should the DH ever decide to end his reign as the Crown Prince of Casa du Knight.

I could totally be a princess. I could jet-set my way around the world. I could have a serious shoe fetish. Ahhh, I can just imagine the shoes I would wear. Red spiky heels, strappy sandals, diamond encrusted, hand-made leathers...but I digress. I could have a team of people to spray on my tan instead of waiting for the sun to kiss my skin (that seems to take longer and longer every year!). Editors might even take a book by Princess Kristina much more seriously than a book by li'l ole, plain-jane Kristi.

Of course, being a princess means that - like Princess Mia of Disney fame - I could never, ever again say, "Shut up!", in that sarcastic voice because...well, people would take that too seriously. I'd have to get out of my pajamas before 8am, always wear make up, always have my hair coiffed just so. The paps might grab a pic of my not-so-firmed areas as I exit the surf in the summer...nobody needs to see that! I wouldn't be able to rescue just any old dog from the pound, my pets would have to have pedigrees. Sure, pedigreed pets need love too, but then who would take that one-eyed mutt needing care home? Plus, I'd have to be nice to people. Even people I didn't much like. Who needs that kind of pressure?

I suppose, in the long run, it's good that I already found my prince and that I plan to keep him around for a very, very long time. Why? Because he surprises me with flowers every now and then. I can hear him, right now, playing dollhouse with our 2-year-old. He still holds my hand when we're out on a date and he can make me laugh with just a look. He supports my ambitions, holds my hand over tiny failures and always pushes me to try again. And he cooks! Oh, the man is a king (and isn't that better than a prince?!?) at the barbecue grill. And he never asks me to clean toilets...yeah, I think I've got it pretty good here as the Princess at Casa du Knight...I think I'll keep my title.

How about you?


  1. I'm very happy NOT being a princess, thank you very much, for the very reasons you listed above. Interestingly enough, I don't particularly gravitate to those ultimate fantasies in my reading tastes either. I like a self made hero I can relate to.


  2. I actually do like to read about princes -- but only if they have a clue about 'real life'. Not a fan of the always-royal-never-had-a-care hero...but then, that goes for non-royal heros, too. Whether the hero in the book in a construction worker or a CEO I want them to be grounded and have a clue about life.

    Thanks for stopping by Amy!

  3. Very sweet, Kristi!

    We recently bought a BBQ, and I was super stoked by the thought of my husband taking over cooking duties for the summer.

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

    Have I married the only fire-loving, meat-eating man on the planet who does not enjoy grilling?


  4. LOL. Oh how many times I dreamed of being in Princess Grace shoes. If a commoner like her could do so, why not I? Unfortunately, I must have kissed the wrong frog! Not once, not twice. . . but I have to admit I'm not that much of an actress (liking people I can't stand, etc.) so I'll have to be happy being Queen of my castle here in the Ozarks. Love the post!

  5. I could totally be a princess...I mean seriously, what's the difference between princess and waitress? we both have to be nice to people we do and don't like....we have to be dressed "just so" to meet our adoring public....people are more than happy to point out my "jiggly" parts (they aren't paparazzi but they still point it out) sure, being a princess would be a piece of cake!

    bring it on!


  6. Jamie, a hero who doesn't enjoy grilling? That is for sure a new one!

    CJ, you should ALWAYS be queen of your castle - and don't feel badly shouting that from the rooftops! :)

    Carrie, so right! I never correlated waitressing and princessing before. I *was* a waitress at one point but I'd forgotten all about thooooooose customers... lol!

  7. I was always a Prince Chraming kind of girl. Loved Cinderella. Still do. And I did get my Pricne Charming. Have to admit, it took A LOT of work.(we got married young, so we had to learn how to be married and still like each other). Now, I wouldn't trade him for anything. Fairy tales really can come true.

  8. A princess?
    You mean I'm not?
    My dh isn't a prince, and I'm not a princess, but he's a good man. And I try to be a good wife.
    I prefer to read those than the princes in romances. They have never had the same effect on me as the ordinary Joe.

  9. I never thought much about being a princess--well, more to the point, getting the prince--until I read Nora Roberts' Cortina (is that the right word?) series. It sounded really good, but I'm with the rest of you; I like my regular guy.

  10. Prince Charming is a state of mind. My husband cleans, does the dishes, does laundry, treats me like a queen and tells me he loves me twenty times a day. Oh, and we still smooch non-stop like honeymooners after 12 1/2 years of marriage. Who needs a stupid title!