Wednesday, June 16

Writing and Music and Playlists, Oh My!

My musical tastes change with the season. Kind of like my wardrobe. Not that I have to listen to R&B one season or Classical the next; it's more that the theme of the music changes. Winters I love love songs. In the Spring you can find me listening to more poppy songs about life. Autumn? It's more of a time-frame - I bring out the late 80s/early 90s stuff, because it reminds me of school. And in the summer...oh, the summer. Summers are a bit of an eclectic mix of Jimmy Buffet, Will Smith...even a little New Kids on the Block. Happy music about falling in love, figuring things out or remembering life's moments.

You know what doesn't change my musical tastes? The manuscripts I'm working on. I just looked at the playlist for The Saint and it's filled with Kristi's Summertime music...looked at the playlist for the manuscript under consideration at Mills & Boon - and same thing. Kristi's Summertime music (albeit different songs than The Saint). I've looked back at a few playlists now and they all have a Kristi Summertime theme to them. Even those that aren't 'summer' type books!

I'm not sure why that is. I don't mind it at all...not even a little bit. This is music I love and these are books and characters I love. Maybe that is why. Of all my favorite seasons of music, Summer mixes are definitely my favorite. Summer music makes me happy, anything is possible and everything can happen.

PS: Margie, my word count this week (so far) is at 2000..but I'm pushing for 10,000, too!


  1. I use music when writing too. I listened to Native American music when I wrote my August release Spirit of the Mountain set among the Nez Perce Indians, I listened to Chris LeDoux for my rodeo book, I'm listening to Inca and Mayan music for the current WIP. The music puts me into the books faster when I'm writing. As for the seasons... The only seasonal music I listen to is Christmas music, but I can start that in October.

  2. Paty, I lurrrrrve Christmas music! It hits my iPod in October at the latest!

  3. My all time go to is Vince Gill.
    Anything by him is guaranteed to make me love struck!

  4. I have a genre I try to listen to for each book so far. I listen to it as I'm starting to write (reggae for my cruise novel, obviously), but i usually end up turning it off - need silence to make the words flow. Except for sex scenes - those require serious mood music. Pink Martini is the winner so far when it comes to the big moment.

  5. Vince is definitely a good one, D'Ann! And, Christi, don't think I've heard Pink Martini, but I may have to check them out!

  6. I don't listen to anything really to write. I've always marveled at the writers who post their playlists for every book. Right now, I have A Knight's Tale on the tv.

    I do most of my real writing at B&N, so I guess I'm inspired by conversation

    And I'm at 7,500 words with one more day to go.

  7. I never listen to music when i type either, but i'm with christmas music....september if i can get away with