Monday, July 26

Am I Thinking Too Big?

Okay - I need everyone's help on this one. I've been plotting my next book...books. Had an idea all ready to go, and as I delved into it, realized I could make it into a two book series. Two couples would get their own book, and one couple would have their story spread across both books.

Then the doubt set in. I don't have an agent. I certainly don't have a big, NY publishing contract. What if I write book one (Planning for Love), and can't sell it? Would I be stupid enough to forge ahead to book two (A Fine Romance)? Would a publisher be interested in buying just the 2nd book in a series? If I spread the 3rd couple across both books, why not just give them a bigger story and turn it into a 3 book series? That led to a quick circle round back to serious doubt; i.e. no agent/publisher.

Am I biting off more than I can chew? It feels like the market really loves series right now, and it proves to people that you have more than one book in you. But should I really start down a road that might turn out to be a dead end? Or should I scale back everything and pare down to just Planning for Love without the other two couples (which would be a shame, because I think I've got really fun stories for them)?

Please help me with your opinions. I'm truly at a crossroads. I'm ready to set pen to paper, but I can't until I resolve this burning question. Feedback, please!


  1. I don't think you're thinking too big. One of the comments made to me early on is you should set aside a potential series after the first book until you've got an agent/publisher, but since I tend to think in series (writing para-rom/UF), I discarded it. I think the key with writing a series is to make certain the books can stand alone.

    I think that third couple might make a better third book if only because that way you're not having to worry about someone not reading the first book, and can pitch each one on its own.

    Just my two cents worth.

  2. I say go for it. I agree with Tory in that you'll have to make sure each book stands on its own. And if you think it's a great story, maybe it will be the one to get you your agent or editor. I look forward to reading something you're this excited for :)

  3. Christi,
    Agreed with the other. I say go for it. And this is why.
    I've pitched to Deb Werksman twice on on-line comps and each time she has asked all the entrants what they're game plan is. In other words, do they have a plan for more books, and if so, what? I think having a plan is a plus for not just her, but all eds/ags.
    Good luck!

  4. Okay, jumping on the bandwagon here, Christi. I say go for it. Make sure each book *can* stand alone, get it written, send it out and start working on the next
    book(s). Series, especially in single title world, really seem to be hot.

  5. I'll have to add a ditto in here. =)

  6. I ditto the dittos. Write what's in your heart.

  7. Late, as usual, but I say ditto, too.