Monday, July 5

The Freedom of Writing

My husband is a golfer. Not a cheap hobby, by any standards. He also likes to bike. Long distances on a very expensive bike with lots of expensive equipment and special clothing. I have friends who scuba. Talk about pricey! There's the flight to someplace tropical, the boat ride, the wetsuit, the tanks....

And then there is writing. I won't call it a hobby, because we are all professionals. However, it certainly began as a hobby for all of us, because the first time you touch pen to paper, there's no thought of publication. There was merely the drive to get a story out. For me it was summer vacation way back in junior high, as a way to while away the long, hot days. Most of the time (unless facing the dreaded sex scene), I truly think I look forward to writing as much as my hubby anticipates a good eighteen holes. But my idea of a good time doesn't require special clothes or equipment or even travel time. I can do it anywhere.

And I do, trust me. I take my stack of plotting paper with me everywhere I go. I've plotted key scenes in dull staff meetings, at board meetings, during trainings, in doctor's offices and stuck in traffic. My mind is my tool, my entire bag of tricks always at my disposal. How freeing is that?

Quick explanation of today's photo: it is Fort McHenry, site of the epic battle that inspired the Star Spangled Banner. On this holiday weekend, it felt right to include it. We live nearby, and get to picnic on the grounds frequently. You can look out at the spot where Francis Scott Key was held on board a British ship, watching the the Fort take blow after blow and yet still triumphantly raise the stars and stripes at dawn. You can tour the Fort and see copies of the original six verses Key hand wrote. can write anywhere. Be inspired by anything. No excuses.


  1. I take the last two pages of whatever chapter I'm working on with me everywhere, even the movies. You never know when the next line will strike. And i plot best in the shower or on the road, places were I can let my mind drift.

  2. I plot brilliantly in my always next to the nightstand!

  3. Christi,
    My expensive hobby is horses. And I plot a great deal when I I guess it all works out!