Friday, July 23

The TBR Pile

Everyone has a TBR pile right? The To Be Read Pile. Some of it is actually purchased and lurking in your home. Slightly covered with pet hair and dust bunnies, every now and then you grab a new one, dust it off a wee bit and dig in.

Some of it is sitting in your shopping cart or wish list over at Amazon, waiting for that fateful day when it will be moved over to The Cart. One thing I love about Amazon, is that they keep things in your cart FOREVER. Some items have been in my cart for years. I think they’re growing beards and gray hair.

My TBR pile lately has taken over the house. I have two piles as high as my knee right here next to my desk. I have two boxes in the living room. I have three pages of items on my wish list at Amazon.

Am I going to get them all read?

You bet.

Am I going to buy more?

You bet.

(Did I ever mention Dave Barry calls Iowa the You Bet State? Boy, he nailed that one.)

I have a book addiction. I cannot go to sleep at night without reading. I cannot picture a snowy day without a book in my hand. (as soon as I’m done with the snowblower that is) As a kid, my mother’s favorite mantra was “Get your nose out of that book!” I read the back of cereal boxes, the contents of the Gardetto’s I’m so fond of (200 calories per serving!), and instruction manuals on how to run the above snowblower.

I own every Janet Evanovich book, every Nora Roberts book, Kristan Higgins, Christie Ridgway, Jude Devereaux, Johanna Lindsey, Cindy Gerard, JD Robb, Diana Gabaldon and Sandra Brown. I’m currently stockpiling some YA and MG, as it’s a genre I want to try. I have historicals, comedies, suspense. I also have the Bartender’s Bible, How to Raise a Spirited Child (snort) and Everything you need to know about Dreamweaver MX.

I’m a book junkie.

And I’m okay with that. My husband may not be, and occasionally my UPS guy gives me The Look when he’s delivered package four that week, but the world of books is not one I’d ever want to leave. I have no understanding of my son, who hates to read. Despises it. Every time I take my two year old grand daughter to the store, we buy books. “MY BOOK” she yells at anyone walking through the store. And I’m tickled pink, because to me, teaching someone the love of books is opening a new world. A world where you can ride dragons, fall in love, train your cat and mix a Mai Tai.
How’s your TBR pile? Taller than mine? If so, I’m jealous. If you have a Kindle/Nook/E-reader, I’m even MORE jealous yet.


(currently reading Nora Roberts The Search. Amazing.)


  1. I love the story about your granddaughter. My girls grew up with "If you're good at the mall, we'll stop at B.Daltons and look at books" and they knew they'd go home with a book. LOL. They know if we go out of town and see a bookstore, we have to stop. And they want to stop just as much as I do.

    My TBR isn't as high as yours, but it's getting there. Although mine is spread into mini piles here and there.

  2. I keep my list on an excel spreadsheet that I take to the library with me every week. And (hoping to turn you green w/jealousy), I plan to pick up the 1st in Christie Ridgway's new Napa trilogy for free at the publisher signing at Nationals. I'm already salivating at the thought of how many books I'll lug home. Last year it was 31.....

  3. My TBR pile is HUGE!
    One of the saddest things ever to me, is that my daughter doesn't love to read. She likes it ok, but love it like I do.
    She inheirited my love of horses, gardening and a lot of other things, so why not reading?!!

  4. margie..that's just how I look at it...stopping for books is a treat!

  5. christi...i AM jealous! tell her I said hi! =) I do have her book of course, but not autographed. =( she's super nice and has helped me out a ton already!

  6. D'Ann....I bought my son thousands of books...Goosebumps and such luck....until he read A Boy Named It. He did read that entire series, and I thought maybeeeee...but nope. Those are the only books he's read that he actually enjoyed and wanted to read. Ah well! Can't win 'em all!

  7. My house came with built-in shelves in a couple of rooms, which is good and bad. The shelves are jammed with books and my tbr pile is now scattered throughout three rooms in the house. I try not to think about the big plastic storage bins in the garage which are oveflowing with books I've read...but they are sorted by sub-genre! My husband reads a lot too so there are books in every room of the house. I order books from Amazon every week and they're piled on top of books I've won from blogs. Currently reading Loucinda McGary's "Wild Irish Sea" and it's fabulous.

  8. Ooo...I think I have that Loucinda Gary's somewhere ...somewhere in my tbr pile.....=)

  9. No spoilers, no spoilers, I just got my copy of The Search, too!

    I'm with you - total book junkie and I'm proud of that. Bebe's turning into a book junkie, too, and she's only 2. She always wants to read...and she's just starting to want to read *to* me. Love it!

    My TBR is at only at about 30 books right now...but then a shipment's coming this week.......

  10. Kristi spoilers, but you'll LOVE it...
    I love that there's a whole new generation of book junkies out there...=)

  11. I'm way behind on entries, but this one is so good. I even have TBRs on my Kindle!