Thursday, July 22

Unex;pected Gifts

Don't you love unexpected gifts? Sometimes they come when you most need them and other times they come as a complete surprise. Sometimes they are simply a word, a touch, a note, a book....

This week I've had a few.

Lucy by Laurence Gonzales. I read about it in Entertainment Weekly and sought it out. Think of it as Crichton with a heart. It made me think, analyze, smile, and cry. It's about a genitically engineered human-ape hybrid. She is a rich, beautiful character who will make you think and feel.

I got a less than glowing review of my last chapter from my cp's. What a gift to have people in your life who aren't afraid to tell you what's wrong but who love your character almost as much as you do. They are Bix's aunts. They care enough about him to let me know when he's strayed from the path, but trust me enough to know that I will straighten him out and set him straight.

Yesterday my oldest daughter flew to Orlando for vacation and after she arrived, she texted to say she already missed me. Of course, I haven't heard from her today, now that she's acclimated and in the Disney swing of things.

Scent of honeysuckle drifting into my home. I love it. I have a fragrant bush just outside my front door and when the wind blows just right, my house smells of honeysuckle. Love it.

Two days off in row. Last week my schedule was all muffed up because of vacations (other's not mine). You don't know how nice two days off in a row are until you don't have them.
Plus, I have three days next week--going out of town for a family reunion. And then the following week I have vacation---hello, Willamette Writers conference.

And lastly, the readers who frequent this blog. Thanks to all of you. We love to hear from you--and boy, did D'Ann ever with her last post. It is such a gift to know that something we wrote touched you. Good, bad, or indifferent, it's just nice to be heard and read.


  1. Bix's aunt! I love it! And I'm so honored! He's such a good boy, and so much fun.
    I think in my last post, it got lost that I feel LUCKY to have so many great CPs who I trust and adore.

  2. I'm jealous of your honeysuckle. Ours is on the back gate, and we can only smell it when you stand right next to it. Glad you took the time to appreciate it!

  3. I miss the smell of honeysuckle. When
    we moved to the city, we gave up things
    like the smell of honey suckle and the man
    at the corner store who knew everyone by
    name. Lots of our neighbors had farms. I
    miss the peace and quiet.

  4. oh i don't mind being bix's aunt at all...pretty cool in fact. =) i thoroughly enjoy that young man. =)


  5. I planted a new honeysuckle plant near by bedroom window. Its too small to make a difference now, but next summer...honeysuckle dreams, baby.

  6. C'n I have a little of that honeysuckle, too?

    Bix's Aunt Kristi

    PS: Great post!! You guys make me feel lucky to know you every day.

    PPS: My captcha is "Frak"

  7. I love honeysuckle. And gifts--unexpected or otherwise. And CPs I trust.

  8. Oh, I forgot...I'm proud to be Bix's aunt.

  9. Margie, great idea. I'm going to plant some honeysuckle.

  10. Kristi,
    I had to look captcha up :) Learn something new everyday. Another unexpected gift.