Tuesday, August 17

Summer's Over...Now What?

As summer draws to a close, I've had several friends tell me how glad they are that their kids are going back to school....more writing time.

I smile politely.

A long time ago, on this blog, I discussed my fall depression. It's very hard on me. The worst time of year. I have a hard time writing while I'm so low.

I usually write like a fiend in the summer. I like late nights. I leave the front door open and the cool air washes in. It's normally a perfect environment for writing. But this summer I didn't write at all. I was sick with chest pains through June, then the toothache from hell in July and early August. I think I got about two chapters done and I'm waaaaayyyyy behind schedule.

I had planned to enter the GH again this year, but neither manuscript I wanted to put in it is ready. One is halfway and the other is only 3 chapters.


I am going to have to conquer my fall depression and write like hell through September and October if I want to get in the GH this year. It's a goal. I usually do well under pressure. A CP and I both used to send out partials and then write like fiends to get the ms done. I don't think either of us does that any more. Me because of carpal tunnel that won't allow me to type like I once did. I'm not sure why she doesn't do it any more.


If I want to get in the GH, I've got to get off here and get busy.

Anyone else have any goals they are determined to meet?


  1. I always hated when my kids went back to school. I just plan missed them. They're grown now and occasionally in and out, but I still miss having them around and knowing what's going on in their lives. I do get more writing done, but thank God for text messaging and Facebook, cause that's how we keep in touch these days.

  2. Kathy~
    I so agree. I hated it when my daughter went to school. We always had so much fun in the summer (we still do). But I write a lot more in the summer than any other time.
    Thanks for coming by!

  3. On school days, I'm up at seven and alone in the house by eight until around three. I may use that time to get over my thing about not writing at home.

    I can't do it, too many distractions. Most I do is edits and plot. But I want to start writing, it'll help finish whatever I'm working on faster.


  4. No fall school in my house...not for a couple more years!! But I *do* have fall writing plans because - hopefully! - our every-summer-visitors will be gone. I love having company and guests but I also like to be on a schedule!

    My goals: finish 2 ms's by late September -- one just needs revision and one needs about 5-10K more words to be done.

    You've had a rough summer this year, for sure...if you want a git-r-done GH partner, I'm your girl...

  5. Oh, man. I would use that time, Avril. You can really get the stories cranked out. You go, girl!

  6. Kristi,
    So enjoy your time with the bebe. It goes too fast when they get in school.
    And, yeah, I'm pushing Cst hard for the GH...so if you wanna challenge, I'm in.

  7. I'm back to my 3k in a day. If I can if I can't no biggie, just a little writing or editing on others. I have time to crit now and some to even read. The house is quiet :) I also have sports events to go to and people to observehaha :)

  8. I don't have any kids, but fall and winter are my most productive writing times. Just can't concentrate during the spring/summer. Here in the Ozarks it is still plenty hot, so it will be another month before my brain revs into high gear.

  9. My goal is to finish Bix by October 1. So, if you want another challenge partner I'm here. I'm thinking of taking the first week of sept off and focusing on writing again.

  10. Ah, I have so many goals and so little time. =) This is a tough time of year for me only because my jewelry business takes off between now and Christmas. The only back-to-schoolers I have are staff at work, and then it's training the newbies. Hopefully I'll still get a decent word count in every night!

  11. I haven't had much of a problem writing except when I've been sick or things just didn't work. I've been on a 100 x 100 loop (100 words x 100 days) since 1 Jan I recently managed to make it all the way to day 100 and started on round 2 opened my WIP and poof Friday's words were MIA. I wrote on a paper for my niece but not my WIP so I started over on Sunday at day 1. No children but fall means the end of the year to me and is sad to me. I like spring and summer but nothing makes any difference in my writing.

  12. After all these years, I still get a bit anxious when school starts. Fall is my favorite season, I start thinking about the holidays. We do a lot of entertaining in November and December, and while I enjoy it, it's exhausting. And then there's Nano in November. Eek! Not sure if I'll do it this year. I've been writing every day toward the finish line. Good luck on the GH, D'Ann!

  13. Hales!
    Good to see you!
    3K a day is wonderful, so wish I could do that.
    Thanks for coming by!

  14. CJ~
    I lived in MS a long time ago, and it was so hot and miserable in the summer. I couldn't have gotten anything done then either. Get busy, girl, though, when the weather cools.

  15. Margie~
    I think a challenge would be great!
    Wish I could take some time off, but being sick all summer put me in such a money bind I don't dare.

  16. I hope you keep up your stories, Carrie! Cause I like them all!

  17. Hi, Kathy.
    Thanks for coming by. I would like to get on one of those 100x100

  18. Thanks, Lettera!
    I have never done NaNo. My arms simply cannot take it. But I wish I could.
    Thank you for coming by!